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Tagalog Horoscope : Your Daily Horoscope Tagalog

Understanding and self-awareness will be the prominent goals for all signs for 2015. There are many intricate parts that make the whole of a person and what they are all about. Often times, misunderstandings and assumptions can alter our paths. We must strive to find a way to make realism dominate over idealism when taking an honest look at ourselves.

We must always have a clear vision of what we excel at as well as what we are lacking in. Understanding the elements, qualities, and gender of our signs can all contribute to a greater comprehension of whom we are, what makes us happy and the best way to live our own lives in a positive and productive way.

THE ELEMENTS (fire, earth, water, air)

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

The fire signs are generally courageous, born leaders and show great initiative. They tend to throw themselves completely into anything they commit to and are great at taking advantage of opportunities that life has to offer them. It can be difficult for them to understand how the other signs do not plunge headlong into things with as much confidence and fervor that they do. It is important for fire signs to acknowledge that we all have our own paths to take.

Fire signs are intelligent, quick-witted and generous to a fault at times. They tend to love their family, friends and lovers with tremendous passion. With this passion, however, comes a potential devastation if their affections are found to be unrequited. Fire signs are much more sensitive than they appear to be, which can result in bitterness and anger when crossed.

In general, fire signs enjoy the best things in life and will not settle for anything less. Thankfully, most of these signs are ready, willing and able to put the work in that is necessary in maintaining such a high standard of living. There is the potential for a fire sign to appear arrogant when dealing with someone they believe to be inferior to them so great care must be taken not to make enemies by making others feel inadequate.

Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Earth signs are most content when they are doing something useful. Practical and hard working, earth signs are reliable and diligent friends and coworkers. While it may take a Taurus or Capricorn sign a bit longer, earth signs will usually do what they say the will. These signs of the earth tend to be cautious and need to have emotional and material security in order to be comfortable.

They are usually willing to put up with quite a bit in order to attain the stability they require. They can come across as stingy to others of different signs, but this fear is rooted in the worry of any possible form of need or poverty in the future. Earth signs are also very sensual and creative. These traits can manifest themselves in different ways among the three different signs. Sensitive and often times shy, these earth people will cling to family and have difficulties letting outsiders in.

Although it may be difficult at first, once you become friends with an earth sign, they will become a very loyal companion. Never cross an earth sign in regards to money. That is the one topic that they will not compromise on. They have the capacity to fall deeply in love, however it may take more than half a lifetime for them to find someone that they find to be suitable.

Air Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

This is considered to be the intellectual group of signs. They tend to favor mental function and abstract ideas over any type of physical activity. When ideas are needed, yet scarce in number, the air signs are usually the ones to come up with an answer. Although each of these three signs operate in a mental capacity, they each do so in different ways.

Libra and Gemini are the talkers. They are often found on the phone dealing with people as part of their jobs or chatting away with their friends. Aquarians like to talk as well, but tend to do so in a more meaningful deep way and not very often. They need to have time to themselves to balance out their social agenda. While the signs of Libra and Gemini are rooted in logic and reason, an Aquarius can sometimes lose touch with reality.

A small number of air signs would prefer to work with electronics, computers or machinery, but most prefer to be surrounded by people. Air signs are excellent communicators, and as such, tend to find themselves in fields that require them to liaise with others or facilitate communication amongst their peers. A difficulty that they tend to face however is empathizing with the feelings of the people they are assisting.

Air signs can be tense and restless at times and need to have an outlet for these feelings. A Gemini can become worried about small inconsequential things. A Libra tends to become so confused that they cannot even process their own thoughts. An Aquarius can become extremely upset when things do not go precisely their way.

Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Water signs tend to take a long time to process new information or answer questions because they need to filter through their feelings before they can come to a conclusion or answer. Their emotions tend to run deep, but that is not how it appears from the outside. They keep their emotions hidden, often times even from themselves, which tends to build resentment and then result in expressions of anger or frustration. Unfortunately, these negative feelings have a tendency to appear at inappropriate moments.

Only their very close loved ones will know what it is like to experience their bouts of joy and their deep depressions so close together. Water signs attach themselves to the people they love the most, especially their children.

Water signs have the ability feel what is going on around them. They can be very intuitive about their surroundings and use that ability to guide their path through life. This allows them to be good in business situations and be successful risk takers. Water signs tend to avoid direct involvement whenever possible, choosing instead to maneuver themselves into the situation in a way that they are more comfortable with.

THE QUALITIES (cardinal, fixed, mutable)

Each sign belongs to one of three qualities: cardinal, fixed and mutable. While each sign dwells in one of the four elements, they each form a unique combination with the quality that it is combined with. No sign falls under the same combination as another sign, therefore, they each express themselves differently.

This can explain how signs have characteristics in common, but still maintain their individuality. The elements are known to explain how signs react emotionally, while qualities tend to show how signs go about their everyday business. Qualities can help to give a deeper insight into each specific sign.

Cardinal: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn

Cardinal signs see themselves as adept decision makers and do not allow their lives to be run by anyone else. While some of the four signs appear to be cooperative at times, they all have the same end goal in mind. Some have the ability to allow others to take the lead, but only so as to get what they want in the end. Libra and Cancer tend to take this more passive approach. Aries signs can be more forwardly aggressive while a Capricorn can demonstrate more obstinacy.

Self-motivation, self-interest and sometimes self-absorbency tend to represent cardinality. Although the approaches may be different–passive, argumentative or direct, the ultimate goal is for the cardinal sign to get what they want exactly the way they want it. Even though others may benefit or actions may be admirable, the cardinal sign’s own needs always will take precedence.

Fixed: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius

Although seemingly very different, these four signs share their fixed nature of stubbornness and resistance to change. Fixed signs like to try to stay in the same job for long periods of times and the same steadfast approach is applied to marriage, friendships or partnerships. Change unnerves these signs. Unexpected change can alter their moods and cause then to lose functionality.

Taurus is the most fixed of the four signs. Aquarians tend to stick to their own opinions unless they can be solidly convinced to change their minds. Leos are very difficult to shift from their chosen path or beliefs. Scorpios can be formidably obstinate despite moments of adaptability.

The signs of Leo and Taurus can be materialistic at times and are often not opposed to marrying for money or remaining in a miserable relationship to ensure their financial stability. Scorpios tend to be collectors of unnecessary things, while Aquarius is the least materialistic, but also the least reliable.

Mutable: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces

Mutable means something that can be changed, which suggests a certain amount of flexibility and adaptability. Mutable signs are much more able to adapt to changing surroundings than their cardinal or fixed counterparts. Although all four signs are adaptable, they demonstrate this trait in different ways.

Geminis and Sagittarians need a lifestyle and career that offers them variety. Virgos and Pisceans can manage a regular routine as long as they have a varied social life or outside interests. All four mutable signs need an outlet for their creative personalities. Communication, art, music and spirituality all tend to be significant outlets for these mutable signs.

Somehow these signs inherently understand that change is a necessary part of life and are able to more easily go with the flow of life’s ever-changing paths.

THE GENDER (introvert VS extrovert)

The signs are always listed in the same order, with Aries first and Pisces last. Gender, sometimes referred to as masculine/feminine or extrovert/introvert more recently, is assigned to each sign beginning with Aries as masculine or extrovert, then Taurus as feminine or introvert, and so on.

The signs also happen to end up with Water and Earth signs as feminine or introverted, whereas Fire and Air signs are masculine or extroverted. These traits can be more difficult to see in certain types of people, but the characteristics will certainly be there…just perhaps masked or softened by a combination other traits.


Aries: Fire, Cardinal, Extrovert – Symbol: The Ram

Aries is typically a very courageous, adventurous and full of life sign. People under this sign are go-getters that know what they want and are willing to take risks to get it. They may appear to be laid back at times, but their adventurous nature is always at the surface of everything they do. It is often more difficult for an Aries to find a balance that suits both their need for excitement and yearning for close bonds.

It is imperative that you find an outlet for your adventurous and competitive nature. You cannot confine these traits in anyway. They need to be harnessed and satisfied with regularity. Extreme sports or constant travel can be some great outlets for the outgoing Aries.

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Taurus: Earth, Fixed, Introvert – Symbol: The Bull

Those under Taurus are reliable and patient with a reputation for disliking change. You tend to remain in jobs and relationships for long periods of time. You also prefer to take their time when making any decision, but can cope with sudden change fairly well. You have a keen talent for spotting the aesthetically beautiful and like to surround yourself with such things. You are a steady type of person, both physically and emotionally.

There are a few Taureans, however, that do not quite fit the mold. There are the occasional eccentric types of Taureans that dress out of the ordinary or shun the typical societal standards. These types like to disrupt the typical perception of who a Taurus should be.

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Gemini: Air, Mutable, Extrovert – Symbol: The Twins

Geminis are muti-tasking experts. You need a tremendous amount of variety in your life to keep you entertained or you may become bored and restless with your life.

Most Geminis are highly intelligent and can accomplish tasks at a rate that anyone would envy. You have the ability to obtain and retain many facts at one time. You can be an excessive worrier and develop anxieties over situations that tend to be worse in your own mind than they are in reality. You are much better at helping others with their problems that you are at handling your own.

You are a talker, Gemini, and you love to be social and friendly. Communication will be an integral part of your personal as well as your professional life.

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Cancer: Water, Cardinal, Introvert – Symbol: The Crab

Those under the Cancer sign are sensitive and caring toward others. You have a tremendous gift for compassion and sympathy. You are very good listeners and are able to help those who are unhappy. On the other hand, you have a very strong and stubborn streak to your personality that comes out when provoked. You tend to be wary of strangers entering your life in any way that requires trust. You prefer to keep things “in the family” whenever possible. You are reliable and generous when necessary.

A Cancer has a tendency to look back, whether for sentimental reasons or in resentment. Be careful not to remain too much in the past. You need an escape at times for your imagination to run wild so you like to read, go to the theater or to the movies. Seek out someone who can be a solid, grounding force in your life.

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Leo: Fire, Fixed, Extrovert – Symbol: The Lion

You have very high standards, Leo. You strongly dislike to let yourself or anyone else down. This often results in your becoming a workaholic both at work and at home. You can be very determined when you have something in mind and there will be very little to stop you from getting it.

You often are confused at jealousy or irritation aimed at you because of your abilities or success. You don’t aim to please others so you have little understanding of those emotions. You can sometimes become depressed, but these bouts don’t often last too long. You are the consummate professional outside the home, but very playful and childlike within your home.

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Virgo: Earth, Mutable, Introvert – Symbol: The Virgin

Virgos are honest, decent and very self-disciplined. You are able to remain determined longer than most even under a harsh environment. You are shy at first meeting, but are able to show your wonderful sense of humor and personality as you get more comfortable. You become nervous and uncomfortable when among difficult or offensive people.

You are not a very tactile person. You like your space and anyone who will get close to you needs to understand the ways you prefer to show affection. You are extremely loyal to your friends and you put out quite a bit of effort to keep your bonds strong.

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Libra: Air, Cardinal, Extrovert – Symbol: The Scales

Libras can be both gentle and self-indulgent. You love beautiful things and are often times a go-getter. Sometimes these seemingly polar traits can be confusing, even to you. You absolutely hate making decisions. You are sensible, but coming to your choices takes a long time.

Libras are great conversationalist and are usually great companions for social gatherings. You are a very non-hostile sign that can put other more difficult personalities at ease. You also have a strong sense of right and wrong, which can be a prominent trait in the career of your choosing.

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Scorpio: Water, Fixed, Introvert – Symbol: The Scorpio

Scorpios are often described as secretive and suspicious. You tend to prefer to keep to yourself. You are usually very hard working and feel very strongly for your family. You have a passion for life that rules your choices. You give everything you have to those whom you feel deserve it, but anyone who crosses you should beware. You have a very vengeful streak in you.

You keep things to yourself, choosing not to trust anyone with important information. You even have difficulty letting those closest to you into your life completely. You appear tough on the outside, but can be truly hurt by people. Remember that holding your tongue is sometimes better than going on the attack.

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Sagittarius: Fire, Mutable, Extrovert – Symbol: The Archer

Personal freedom is most important to the Sagittarius. No matter what you do in your life, it must have been your choice. You dislike people telling you what to do and that includes authority figures. Traveling is in your soul and you should incorporate this into your life somehow.

You tend to be more trendy than most and are always up-to-date with the latest trends. You have a natural progressive and modern outlook on life. Exercise will be very important to your everyday life. Be careful to mind your reactions when you are stressed out. Your sarcasm can be hurtful at times.

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Capricorn: Earth, Cardinal, Introvert – Symbol: The Goat

Capricorns are ambitious and often times too serious about life. Some are painfully shy but tend to come out of their shell as they age. You are very intelligent and choose to use your mind for practical endeavors. You are a very money-minded sign, which can lead you to much success, but often also relationship shortcomings as a result.

Capricorns tend to be very good-looking and very confident in their social environment. You hate to spend money recklessly, but you are always up for a worthwhile party. You have a strong love of music and are surprisingly agile throughout your entire life. Find a balance between work and fun, it will save you much heartache.

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Aquarius: Air, Fixed, Extrovert – Symbol: The Water

Aquarians are a totally different type of personality including from other fellow Aquarians. You tend to be very independent (although that does not necessarily mean you can take care of yourself) and you love to be surrounded by people. You have the most original mind of all the signs and that can manifest itself in so many ways.

You are easy-going and have an open mind about most things. You take things seriously and take time to look into the things you learn or believe in. You are great at arguing, but you rarely do this to be spiteful. You are often misunderstood by most people, but your pleasant nature gets you by.

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Pisces: Water, Mutable, Introvert – Symbol: Two Fishes

Pisces can be a bundle of contradictions. On one hand, you can be efficient and very capable, but on the other hand, you can be chaotic and confused. You are very sensitive by nature and extremely intuitive. You have a strong ability for sympathy toward others and this makes you the favorite among your family and loved ones.

You are stronger than even you know you are. You must always trust your intuition especially in times of uncertainty. Money is of little importance to you, but a love of what you do takes precedence. You can be highly artistic and mystical even. Those under the Pisces sign often are very spiritual and open to new ideas.

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Your Tagalog horoscope for 2015 will be a good year overall for all of the signs. There will be tremendous growth as well as understanding about ourselves and our purpose in this world. Self-awareness will become the focal point throughout the year. As always, let us all strive for the balance that we all need to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.


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