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The Year Ahead for Aquarius – 2014

Balancing home and career is difficult but rewarding.

Your Aquarius tagalog horoscope for 2014 will have you adjusting to sudden changes all year. Your naturally unpredictable nature will get a taste of its own medicine for the better part of the year. When life throws you a curveball, you will tend to bounce back quicker and more smoothly than others would have. This ability will come in extremely handy throughout the year as your life changes domestically and professionally. The good news is that no matter what happens you will face it with energy and positivity. Some other beneficial traits that you will possess, is thoughtfulness and communication. You have been given the ability to think outside the box and come up with resolutions that most people would never even dream up let alone achieve. Have confidence in your insights and ignore those who believe your ways to be too radical. You know your own mind and you understand the ways of the world. You very rarely overstep the boundaries of logic.

Your career horoscope has many opportunities presenting themselves to you. Be sure to research any position thoroughly before you commit any of your time and attention to it. The last thing you need to do is over extend yourself or commit to something that you are not entirely sure you can do. You tend to get excited about things without having all the information. If you can move forward in a cautious manner, the benefits will be worth the efforts.

You have never been a big believer in coincidence, but this year will come very close to completely changing your mind. You will experience numerous encounters and meetings that seem coincidental or fate oriented. There will be so many in fact, that you will feel as if someone is playing a trick on you. Embrace the times and try to see each situation for what it is. You can expect a veritable amount of interesting, influential and creative people coming into your life. Take advantage of these encounters by learning as much as you can and keeping an open mind about who and what they are. Watch out for anyone who seems to be too good to be true…they probably are. You are not the best at reading people and their intentions so guard yourself as much as possible.

Your financial horoscope urges you to learn from your mistakes and the past. You will have some issues coming to terms with how you make your money and your personal beliefs. It is very honorable to stand for something, especially when you are passionate about it, but when it is at the expense of your life or the lives of your loved ones, it may be time to stand down. You will have some soul searching to do in order to resolve this issue within yourself.

You do not often seek the advice or support of others, but you would do well to do so this year. Everyone needs help every now and then and this year is your time. There is no shame in it and if you look closely, you will discover that you have quite a few people to turn to.

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