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The Year Ahead For Aries – 2014

Aim before you fire!

Your Aries Tagalog horoscope for the year 2014 will keep you on your toes for the better part of the year. In general, you will feel tension between what you feel is best to do and what others believe you should do. It appears that authority figures will be especially demanding of your time, attention and energy without offering any form of praise or gratitude. The good news is that these tensions will create a strong need to free yourself from any form of restriction. Whether it is on the job or on a personal level, you will very rarely find yourself in a rut.

You can probably already feel this brewing inside of you and you will have to start side-stepping some old habits, but you have the facilities to make it happen. Until this change occurs, you will be surrounded with a bit more stress than you would like. Fortunately, if anyone knows how to deal with stress, it is you, Aries. Your horoscope suggests that you find a strenuous physical activity to accomplish on a regular basis so that you can go to bed to exhausted to think too much.

You have probably already started making some drastic changes to your appearance. For a few years, you will have a restless and bored feeling always making its way through your body. No matter who you are with or what you are doing, you will not feel completely at ease. Your best bet is to let go of your inhibitions and give in to those urges. Do not let anything or anyone – personal or professional – stop you from achieving your goals.

It will be very important for you to find a safe place to turn to and trustworthy reliable people to surround yourself with. In times of extreme tension, you must not be reluctant to close yourself off and put up your “Privacy Please” sign up. You can take comfort in dim lights and soft music whenever possible and do whatever you can to avoid negative situations, people or influences.

You should follow the saying “Quality, not quantity”. Your Tagalog horoscope reminds you to never lose your tendency to be hard-working or need to be a rule follower and make a name for yourself. Never lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel and always to everything that is required of you. Sometimes that will mean going it alone and upsetting those who love you most. Remain open to new experiences and continue to learn from your old ones. If you can manage this, you will experience some wonderful things emotionally and recreationally.

Your horoscope highlights your need for excitement and adventure when it comes to physical activity. This is and always be your chosen form of escape as well as fun. Keep you mind and heart open. This love of yours may serve as a gateway to other new and exciting adventures and people. You never really know when you will come across something or someone that will change your life forever. Be sure you are ready to see it.

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