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The Year Ahead For Cancer – 2014

Only I am in charge of my future.

Your Cancer tagalog horoscope the 2014 highlights your generous and often excessive impulses toward your home, family and children. Your dealings and interactions with them will continue to be loving and warm. They will return your affections many times over. You must always keep in mind, however, that helping out too much does them no favors. If they cannot take responsibility for themselves, they will never learn how to properly be independent. You need to learn and apply a little “tough love” when it is appropriate. If you can manage to show them your unwavering support while also dishing out some life lessons, you will be giving them a tremendous gift. It is always helpful to reflect on your own experiences and share them with those who may benefit from their lessons.

Your tagalog horoscope has you positive and optimistic about the future, which makes you a fun, easy-going companion to have around. Your positivity is infectious and will provide you with many opportunities to meet new people. Expect your social calendar to be unusually filled with things you never thought you would have the chance to experience. There is also some long distance travel in your immediate future, perhaps to your childhood home. Wherever you go, it will be an emotionally charge and uplifting occurrence.

The entire year will have a strong focus on financial matters for you, Cancer. You will have a constant push and pull between saving and the need to spend. You will find it difficult to fight the urge to excessively spend and instead choose to make decisions that will increase your financial situation. You must learn to make careful purchases and consistently monitor your spending.

You will become very serious and focused on your relationships this year. If you have put the time and energy into them, you expect to be able to move forward without any worry. You will not have the time or patience to deal with games or indecision. You are open to finding something more lasting or making things more permanent in your most personal bonds. When you make a decision and put effort into it, you expect the same back. If you are not getting what you want, you do not offer very much time for them to figure it out. You tend to make the decision for them. Since this is the normal case, be sure you are ready to give that person up before you make any permanent changes.

In regards to your career, you will want to make changes to anything that makes you feel unappreciated or oppressed in any way. You have very little patience for wasted time or work. Do not jump the gun too soon, however. You may need to make sure you are not leaving something worth fighting for. Similarly, you need to be sure that you have something waiting in the wings before you let go of any position you currently have.

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