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The Year Ahead for Capricorn – 2014

Success and prosperity will only come when I reach out to others.

Your Capricorn tagalog horoscope for 2014 wants you to let go of the negative influences and pave the way for new growth. These changes will take place due to your own initiative, especially if you can take full advantage of all that is available to you.

The first seven months of the year will be filled with generosity within your one-on-one relationships You will be blessed with the presence of a lot of people who are willing to share their secrets of success. It would do you a lot of good to listen. You may even meet someone willing to take you under their wing and make you their protégé. Along with their stories, their counsel will be inspirational. It will push you to reach for what you want. There is always the danger of becoming too confident or reckless. You must always be wary of those who are not completely trustworthy. The key for you will be to continue to extend unconditionally to those who deserve it and to pull back from those who do not.

Your financial horoscope will need you to make some drastic changes to ensure your financial stability. Your romantic horoscope encourages you to push your relationships to where they need to be. Once you make a decision about what you want, you need to do whatever you need to do to make it happen. Hesitation will only lead to misunderstanding and lost opportunity. When you see what you want, go and get it. It will become increasingly important for you to make your intentions clear from the very beginning. Misunderstanding and miscommunication follows you around quite a bit so being clear from the start will help to alleviate any issues.

You will have the opportunity to mend some friendships this year. If you ended some bonds a while ago and have had some regrets about it, you will be able to resolve this soon. This is your year to rid yourself of any past regrets you may have. Go into every situation with open eyes. Do not forget what the problems were that started the issues to begin with and ensure that the same thing will not happen again. If there is no possibility for growth and learning, then you should step back from it.

Your health horoscope encourages you to finally confront any health issues that have been plaguing you. Whether it is eating habits, sleep problems or just a nagging issue that you have not taken care of, now is the time to figure out what is going on. It truly is better know so that you can figure out how to fix it than to ignore it and let it make you worse. Knowledge is power.

You will experience bouts of heightened emotional sensitivity throughout the year. You will feel nostalgic and sentimental, which are emotions that you do not typically feel. Take advantage of the change and see what it can help you to achieve.

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