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The Year Ahead For Gemini – 2014

Knowing what matters is the first step toward achieving it.

Your Gemini tagalog horoscope for the year 2014 will keep you busy from the start of the year until about mid July. The chances are that you will love every exhausting minute of it. Your time will be filled with love affairs, recreational pursuits and activities with children for the better part of this time frame. Impulsivity will rule strongly by tempting you to want to forget everything work or responsibility related and just live life to the fullest with someone special by your side. If you are single, however, that may not be the case for much longer. Your social calendar, as usual, will be full of opportunities to meet many new admirers. You become bored very easily so you may go through a few partners rather quickly. Ultimately, you are after excitement and that is what you will get. You will be more assertive and argumentative than you usually are so beware of reactions you have not previously seen.

Gemini, you will be fun-loving, generous and slightly excessive this year. A lot of big decisions will be made from investments, to more children or pets, to adding on to your residence. There will be quite a bit of traveling potential throughout the year as well. When you are home, it will be a great sense of comfort to you and your appreciation for your family will be enhanced. You must be careful not to spend your money excessively.

Your tagalog horoscope reminds us all of your talkative nature. You will be exercising this trait quite often. You will be the star of the show whenever you open your mouth. Whether you are teaching, gossiping or giving advice, your chosen audience will be captivated by your oration. Be very cautious about sharing too much of your private life or getting involved in too much gossip. Sometimes you speak before you think and that can get you into unnecessary trouble. Secrets are tough to keep so think twice before divulging any of yours.

You must tend carefully to your health and work this year, according to your horoscope. Your normal everyday activities can be overwhelming and strenuous, which often leads to stress. You will need to find proper outlets to release some of the excess energy and emotion. Structure will prove helpful in this case. Formulate a regiment that suits your needs and stick to it.

Your natural ability to mingle, socialize and make people feel comfortable will be put to use this year, especially at the beginning. You may be put in charge of some major events because of your easy-going, yet productive manner. You will be introduced to many new people along the way, but keep in mind that some of those you meet will not become permanent fixtures in your life. If you find yourself questioning your decisions or life path, now is the perfect time to make the changes that need to be made. If you are not completely satisfied, then your true calling is still out there for you to find, Gemini.

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