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The Year Ahead for Leo – 2014

In order to create balance, I need my inner strength.

Your Leo tagalog horoscope for 2014 presents you with quite a bit of hard work resulting in equal amounts of rewards and recognition. Keep this in mind when you are in the midst of a career or personal struggle. Let the reminder of success at the end of the war help you through the battle. You will be showered with blessings, opportunities and lucky contacts along the way. So while you will feel the pressure and stress getting the job done, you will be more than willing to take on the challenge. You will feel and increase in your confidence and energy, which will assist you in achieving all that needs to be done.

You will feel the need to make dreams and wishes come true. You will meet some souls that will touch you in a profound way. Your nature will not let you stop until they get what they want. Be sure those fortunate enough to receive this type of attention to you deserve your care. You have a tendency to be generous to a fault, but you will never hear any complaints from others. It is up to you to control yourself.

You will be thankful for the few trusted advisors you have gained over the past few years, according to your financial horoscope. They will offer invaluable advice and assistance that will help to get you on the right path. Be sure to let them know they are appreciated because you will not get through this year unscathed without their help.

There will be a bit of pressure on the home front for the better part of the year. You will be challenged and pushed in a way only family can manage. You will need patience and strength if you have any hope of maintaining solid relationships with everyone. Your relationship with the children will be much different. You will feel very protective and close to them. You may even get to a point where you feel that you need take charge of them in some way.

Your views on politics, religion or education in particular may change drastically this year. As you mature, you find that you are open to many more theories and opinions. Be wary of how other will react to your seemingly sudden shift in opinions. Many are too close-minded to be around someone with opposing views. This is the time you will find out whom is worth your time. What is important is that the end result is a new and improved you with and open mind and an open heart.

It will become very important for you to remove yourself from your everyday grind a few times this year. You need the time away to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. By removing yourself from your everyday life, you also remove the expectations placed on you by others. Be strategic about when you choose to take your time away.

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