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The Year Ahead for Libra – 2014

Relationships are important, but my independence is vital.

Your Libra tagalog horoscope for 2014 has you as assertive as you’ve ever been in your life. You will have a take charge, put your foot down in your own defense and step up kind of attitude that you have not experienced in quite a while. You are normally a very partner-oriented sign so this new change in attitude may be a big surprise, not only to everyone who knows you, but also to yourself. It may take some getting used to, but it will end up being a very positive change in the course of your life.

You are never happier than when you have someone by your side and making concessions for them has never been an issue for you. You will need to assess whether you are simply with someone because you do not want to be alone. There will be no more keeping the peace at your own expense. You are starting to realize that you have more value and worth than people give you credit for. You should never settle for less than what you believe you deserve. You need to get rid of any relationships that make you feel repressed, unappreciated or stifled in any way. You need to focus your energy on people who love you for who you are and are willing to let you be and express yourself.

You will have many blessings when it comes to authority figures and elders. You will learn priceless information and receive advice from mentors that will be helpful to your career and life as a whole. You will form a unique bond that no many people get to experience. You will learn valuable lessons pertaining to your career, but also your personal life. Be sure to pay it forward. Be a mentor yourself to a child or student. Your unselfish nature will not go unnoticed, but you may not know it for quite some time. Your integrity is important to you and it will be your integrity that ultimately gets you what you want.

Your financial horoscope has been a little rough and restricted over the last few years. You have had to be very careful and frugal with your money. The good news is that you have gotten used to it and have learned how to live within your means. This has helped you to understand what is really important. You have your priorities in the right places and you will forever be a better person for it.

Your health horoscope urges you to be very cautious and thorough. If something health related is causing you concern, do not wait to get a second or even a third opinion. You understand your body better than anyone else. It would be prudent of you to listen to it.

You will have power struggles on a frequent basis among your family. Emotions within your home and family matters will be running very high. Struggles may arise and situations may get intense. You will need to learn to let go of the things that cannot be fixed and how to not hold a grudge.

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