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The Year Ahead for Pisces – 2014

I can rise above petty issues by looking at the big picture.

Your Pisces tagalog horoscope for the year 2014 will be focused on finances. You will have a couple of major decisions to make around April and October that will require you to focus on the big picture. Your feelings on the issues can be positive or negative at the start, but every decision must be made for the betterment of the future.

You will have a host of blessings coming your way, Pisces related to your domestic and parental issues. You will have major breakthroughs in areas that have plagued your mind for years. Life altering decision will be potentially made this year, so foresight will be of the utmost importance. You could decide to make a big move or take in a family member that needs some help. You may decide to have another child or have some emotional breakthroughs with the children you already have.

Your financial horoscope reminds you that you have a tendency to be a pushover. You need to remember not to overspend or help past what you can realistically afford. If you could, you would save everyone. You don’t want to become overly optimistic for the future without any real practical, solid reasons.

You will see you on the job responsibilities increase quite a bit this year. You will need to find out quickly whether it is because someone is taking advantage of you or you are being primed for a promotion. Either way, it is imperative that you find out immediately because you don’t want to be wasting your time and you need to decide if you actually want a change of position. You have a need for higher education this year. It can be to change your career or to enhance the skills that you need for work. Perhaps you will be drawn into certification programs or classes to enhance your resume.

You are a stronger, more confident person now, Pisces. You have more conviction about your opinions on religion, education and politics. You no longer fade to the background and keep your thoughts to yourself. You find that the older you get, the more passionate you are about what you believe and you want to share it now. You can become a mentor or teacher to those who want to understand where you are coming from. You maintain the delicate balance between passion and compassion. It is a rare combination that makes for a compelling learning experience.

Your relationship horoscope warns you not to be too sentimental and dreamy when it comes to your personal relationships anymore. You need to bring a strong dose of realism into your love life. If you can be consistently more realistic about everything, you will never be caught too off guard or feel taken for granted by another loved one again. You are getting to old to be floating through your romantic relationships with rose-colored glasses on anymore. Be firm and take charge of your relationships and what you deserve.

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