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The Year Ahead for Scorpio – 2014

I need to face change with a take-charge attitude.

Your Scorpio tagalog horoscope for 2014 will be easier on you than years past. There will, of course, be a few challenges, but overall, you will come out with a positive feeling about it. The alignment of the planets will bring you a cohesive cosmic balance which will help you to get through the year unscathed. You will find yourself in unfamiliar territory. You have the ability to resolve negative situations by coming up with practical, realistic resolutions. This will apply to any and all aspects of your life, but you will use it most often within your personal relationships. You are no longer satisfied with casual or shallow relationships, so anyone who isn’t pulling their weight or on the same page as you will need to pack their bags. The good news is that you will certainly not have any regrets.

Your tagalog horoscope brings you strong intuition and divine inspiration when it comes to your lovers, fun times, and down time. If you are the artistic type, you will be especially creative this year. You will produce some of your best work and be inspired often. Any time you spend with youngsters will leave you feeling spiritually uplifted allowing you to create lasting and significant bonds. You are on a quest for a soul mate, but as you search you will have many casual flings. Take each one as a learning experience. There may even be a few close calls, but go with your gut instinct and you will be fine.

Your career horoscope highlights the importance of finding the perfect fit for you, Scorpio. Personal freedom is extremely important to you and can be the make it or break it issue in any job. Any situation that makes you feel stifled or restricted in any way will become intolerable for you very quickly. You will more than likely switch jobs more than once over the course of the year as you try to find the right fit. It is advisable for you to try any and all careers that come your way because you just never know what will suit you best. Don’t just settle for anything that comes along, though. Always be thinking ahead to what you want to do for the future. You are drawn to the unusual so keep your eyes open for anyone or anything that will spark your interest.

Your lifestyle horoscope encourages you to broaden your horizons by traveling and exploring new experiences. You strive on a changing environment. Too much of anything starts to make you uncomfortable and moody. In order to find and maintain your balance, you must keep things new and exciting. Now is also a prime time to go back to school. Even if you just take a night class or to brush up on your skills, it will add substance to your days. You are in the proper mindset for higher education learning, especially the first half of the year.

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