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August 2013 Tagalog Horoscope for Aries

March 21-April 20

Element: Fire

Ruling planet: Mars

Symbol: Ram

Stone: Ruby

Colors: Red and Pink

Days: Tuesday and Saturday

Numbers: 9, 24, and 56

Famous Filipinos: Emilio Aguinaldo (March 22), Jaja Bolivar (April 1), Jaya (March 21), Rocco Nacino (March 21)

Aries is a fire sign, which means it highlights your adventurous, outgoing and active nature.  You have a tendency to seek out the unusual. Whether it is a remote place or an unusual activity, an Aries will thrive in uniqueness. Never forget to nurture this part of yourself. It is important to do something adventurous or active at least twice a week. Without this release, you will find yourself suddenly feeling very anxious.

With Mars as your ruling planet, destructiveness and impatience can easily take over. You have a tendency toward an offensive attack when provoked. However, when you are perfectly content, you see the world through innocent eyes. You view things with a child-like enthusiasm that is hard to break, but once broken, may never again be fixed. Be sure to approach any possible confrontation offensively. If you are prepared for the attack, it is more likely that things will be resolved with minimal damage.  Only when you are taken by surprise, will your destructive nature truly make an appearance. Like the symbol of your sign, the ram, you are tough but headstrong. You can easily lose your temper when provoked. Physical activity is a natural trait in an Aries, which is why many people under this sign are very good athletes. Aries men have a tendency to lean towards the martial arts.

For the female Aries, it can be difficult to find a man strong enough for you. You are independent and strong. The right man for you will have to be extremely tough. You need someone who can be strong physically, emotionally and mentally to be able to handle you. A male Aries needs an equally strong woman as well. His ideal partner should be able to balance him. She needs to be his inspiration as well as his best friend. She needs to make him feel complete. The most important thing that the partner of an Aries must have is loyalty. Once that trust is broken, it will be very difficult, if not impossible, to getit back. An Aries is not likely to give second chances. You view any betrayal, especially one committed by a loved one, as a deal breaker. Once that trust is broken, your impatience will take over and your partner will have an enormous challenge in front of them if they want to mend the relationship.

Focus on using your natural tact and charm this month. Those traits will help you in your business and personal relationships. Conflicts, especially at your work place, are likely this month. Be wary of those who you have previously had issues with. Avoid any confrontation altogether. You are sensitive by nature so when someone attacks you, you may react in an oversensitive way. When you are prepared, your charm can be a very effective weapon.

As 2013 progresses, so does your attractiveness. If you are single, you will be likely to find a promising relationship by the end of the year…so keep your eyes and heart open. If you are already in a relationship, this month finds you suddenly able to express your feelings to your partner more freely. You will start to develop a deeper bond with the people you love. Now is the perfect time to really examine your relationships and figure out which ones truly deserve your time. This is also a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your children or your pets. Your sudden openness will allow you to share significant quality time with them.

August is a great time to travel if you are an Aries.  You will likely be travelling for business purposes but don’t forget to enjoy yourself too. With several holidays falling in August, it is the perfect time to schedule that extra day to rejuvenate yourself. If you are happy, then the world around you benefits from your positivity energy.

Be extra careful with your finances this month. While money might still be flowing, watch out for outside factors that may hinder its movement. Small mistakes and overlooking minute details can derail any forward progress this month. Continue to be diligent and your financial success will steadily improve as the year moves forward.

With possible work and financial stress looming, pay special attention to your calorie intake. You may have the urge to clash royale cheats no survey indulge a bit more than is normal for you. Stay strong and remember to utilize your active nature to your benefit. Go for a run or take a walk when something is on your mind. It is a healthy way to reduce stress and it can help to clear your mind. Your body craves physical activity like it craves food or water. Nourish it and the benefits will be tremendous.

Tuesday and Saturday are your lucky days this month. Pay close attention to any thing unique happening on these days. It may be something as simple as finding a lucky penny or it could be as significant as meeting someone new. Keep your mind and heart open at all times.If you pay close attention, you can feel a different energy around you on these days. Take advantage of the feeling and go with your instincts. They won’t let you down. If you find yourself feeling anxious this month, try wearing red or pink. These colors soothe you and give you a calming sense of confidence. Especially on difficult days, having your colors surrounding you will be a comfort.

Overall, August will be a progressive month for those under this sign. The key to your success this month is to always be diligent. Whether it is work, relationships or taking care of yourself, you must be aware of the little things around you. They may be important in the course of your life or something significant to prevent problems in the future. Take advantage of your emotional openness to really solidify your significant relationships and to weed out those that do not deserve your attention.

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