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Daily Horoscope for
You need to shake yourself out of situations where you`ve been feeling too timid. Maybe you haven`t faced up to certain people or been over-compromising. Stop sweeping your feelings under the carpet. Now is the time to take a stand and say enough is enough. But don`t do it in such a way that you will cause yourself insecurity at the far end of it. Try to throw your energy into joint co-operative ventures. If you pull together you can achieve a great deal more than you would solo.

Aries Tagalog Horoscope 2015

Born March 21-April 20

Element: Fire

Planet: Mars

Symbol: The Ram

Stone: Diamond

Colors: Red and White

Key Word: Initiative

Key Phrase: I am

Opposite Sign: Libra


Aries is a masculine fire sign, which results in courage and a love of adventure as well as traveling. You radiate a strong energy full of initiative and determination to live life to its fullest. Your appearance can be docile on first glance, but deep down you are extremely competitive. This often takes those that do not know you well by surprise.

Your Aries tagalog horoscope points out that you can be impulsive at times, but this does not mean that you take chances that will result negatively. Most important for the adventurous Aries is to find an outlet for your competitive and bold side. You cannot sit idle for long. You need to be active and using your body in some way most of the day. Downtime does not suit your physicality.

Love and Relationships

Family LifeAn Aries father views education as a top priority. You are a very involved parent who encourages an open mind. You can have a tendency to push too hard at times so be aware of the different sensitivities of your children. Yu do, however, respect a child who can stand up to you. An Aries mother loves her children dearly and will do whatever she can to make them happy. She must remember to balance affection with aggression. An Aries child will be lively, noisy and often demanding for most of their childhood. You enjoy every moment of your life, but your confidence is not too high. Schooling and following rules is difficult for you.

Friendships—You will have many types of relationships in your lifetime and you will find most of them very valuable. You form easy bonds with those you work and socialize with. You are naturally very open with your feelings and this can sometimes result in unrealistic expectations of your friendships. You find it very difficult when a friend lets you down.

Love—In general, a person’s sexual availability and willingness attracts you at first. You prefer to find someone who is willing to be led or directed on what to do. You enjoy treating your loved one to meals and enjoyable outings, but can be uninterested in helping or hearing about their money troubles. You need to find a companion and playmate, not someone who will be dependent on you.

According to your tagalog horoscope, Aries is inclined to marry young and if it works out, you will be like one unit your entire marriage. Some might be too choosy and independent to be able to make a real relationship work. These Arians will tend to carry on multiple encounters that never really go beneath the surface, but can satisfy your adventurous side.

Work and Career

An Aries learns best by example and when they have a role model to emulate. You are naturally ambitious, but lack confidence. Anything that can help to increase your self-worth will be most beneficial. Find a career where you receive accolades or encouragement on a regular basis.

Your choice in job or career will more than likely involve middle to upper management or running your own business altogether. A situation where you find yourself in charge but still have the opportunity to get your hands dirty will be ideal for you. A teacher or engineer can be good fits for your personality.

Money and Finances

Whenever possible, you like to spend, spend, spend. Often times, those under the Aries sign find themselves in a difficult financial situation that results in allowing someone to take over control of your finances. It will be important for you to understand your limitations in regards to financial stability in order to prevent major debt.

You are certainly not afraid of hard work so the key to your financial success will depend on your ability to curb your impulse to spend everything you earn. You are very capable of earning your way out of any financial trouble, but you can enjoy a more relaxed situation if you can learn some spending restraint early on.

Health and Fitness

You temper and impatience will have a tendency to lead you into minor accidents. You can be quite headstrong at times and this can reveal itself in stubbornness that can put you in physical danger. It will be in your best interest to have a first-aid kit readily available at all times.

Your weaker areas of the body are concentrated around your head—eyes, lips, face, teeth and even hair. You are prone to headaches and poor vision. If you sense a problem arising, seek help immediately.

Sensible eating and exercise habits should be enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle for you, Aries. Your eagerness for adventure and outdoor activity will serve you well in staying healthy.

Travel and Lifestyle

You are the type of person that needs lots of space. You are a bit a hoarder so you need lots of room to store all of your precious trinkets. Any type of home will suit you as long as there is enough room. You will find that you would rather spend money on going somewhere than on improving your home. You are a minimalist when it comes to improving your home. You may prefer a specific style or time period, but you would not go to extremes to get it.

You love to shop, especially shoes, that you would give Imelda Marcos a run for her money. You are fond of spending money on quality clothes or equipment for your many adventures. Your lucky colors are crimson and blue. You feel confident and safe with those colors on or around you.

Travel will be a very important part of your life. From work to leisure, you will travel as much as humanly possible. It would be best to surround yourself with people that share your nomadic tendencies. A homebody would not appreciate the amount of movement you require.

Overall, your Aries tagalog horoscope for 2015 is bright and full of potential. The key to success this year will be in your level of self-understanding and awareness. It is important to know our limitations as well as our talents in order to ensure we are choosing the right paths for our ultimate life success.

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