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August 2013 Tagalog Horoscope for Capricorn

December 22 – January 20

Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Symbol: The goat

Stone: Onyx

Color: Dark green

Days: Tuesday and Thursday

Numbers: 2, 19, and 38

Famous Filipinos: Melcher Aquino (Jan 6), Bettina Carlos (Dec 25), Bayani Agbayani (Jan 3), Eddie Gutierriez (Jan 6)

Change is in the air for the consistent Capricorn. Although coping with change is not your strong suit, you are set to have many in both your personal and professional lives. This will feel a bit disruptive to your normally stable and dependable existence but it will be good for you. It’ll keep you on your toes and attentive to the future.

The change in your professional career will come in the form of compromise. You have desperately wanted to further your success with your company, but that would have required you to be away from home more often than you would like. You don’t like the idea of being away so much and that has been what has stopped you from moving up in the ranks. Your heart is tugging you in two different directions. You will need to find a balance that you are comfortable with. If you want it, then you should go for it. In general, your family is supportive of any choice you make. The hesitation is mostly on your part. There is no sense in feeling guilty about something you have no control over.

The changes in your personal life will come from either your partner or your children. You will start to notice changes in their attitude toward you. With work pulling you away from home more often, you’ll feel as though you can’t quite pinpoint the reason for the change. Don’t let your paranoia get the better of you. It won’t help your work or your relationship. Either address the issue head on or hold off until you have time to give it your full attention. Be sure to only address the actual facts and not your paranoid interpretation of the facts. Your imagination will be running a bit wild on this issue. Being accusatory will only prompt defensiveness and that won’t get you anywhere.

With all the extra time and sacrificing you will put in for work, now is a good time to consider asking for a salary increase. You have been putting a lot of effort in and it could help ease some of the guilt you feel about being away so much. All the commitments you make will only strengthen your case. You are proving that you are in it for the long haul and they should reward you accordingly.

August is a good time for Capricorns to clean house in the friendship department. Go through all of your friends and acquaintances. Weed out the people that you are not comfortable around and those that are not always comfortable around you. Anyone with jealousy issues or that use up too much of your energy should be given the boot too. You don’t need or have the time for people in your life who do not support you fully and enhance your life. This may be a difficult task at first, but you’ll start to see that removing them from your life will open up more time for you to spend with the people that count. Your time willbe much better spent once the excess baggage is thrown out.

Since you have a limited amount of spare time these days, consider exercising during your work breaks. You will be spending long hours working and the exercise will serveas a much needed break. Just be sure to actually take breaks. You will need to give your mind and body a rest every now and then. Let your mind wander to something other than work. Even if you just spend 10 minutes sitting on a bench people watching, it will be enough to regenerate your mind and help your focus once you get back.

You definitely won’t have time for any major travelling this month so try to plan some special dinners or quick weekend outings. Choose to take the people who need you the most or the ones who you are having issues with. Use your time wisely. Confront the issues or make them feel special, but no matter what you do, make sure your mind is on them and not work.  They can tell when you are not totally present in the moment. You may think it is justified to have work on your mind but they will not see it that way. You should be able to turn your brain off of work for a few hours to give your loved ones some real quality time with you.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are your power days. They will fill you with confidence and creativity. You will be bursting with energy and new ideas. Harness this extra energy into productive work and you will be on a successful professional roll straight through to the New Year.  Don’t get so wrapped up in the forward momentum of work that you start to neglect your family and the issues that need to be dealt with there. You have the need to stay where the good things are, but you need to face your personal matters too. After all, your family is appreciative of your efforts at work, but they need your undivided attention sometimes too. Don’t procrastinate with your family. Settle the issues as quickly as possible because your window of opportunity won’t be open for long. You cannot let things fester because resentments have already been formed. The longer you wait, the bigger the resentment grows.

You have a lot going on at the same time, but you are more than capable of getting it done. It will just be a matter of prioritizing. When you feel particularly overwhelmed, surround yourself in dark greens. It will soothe you and bring calmness to your environment. Having some dark lush plants in your home and workspace will do a great deal for your overall wellbeing. Keep your priorities straight and you can’t go wrong. You are in the right frame of mind to work hard and reach your goals. Just be sure you don’t leave anyone important behind.

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