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Daily Horoscope for
You need to shake yourself out of situations where you`ve been feeling too timid. Maybe you haven`t faced up to certain people or been over-compromising. Stop sweeping your feelings under the carpet. Now is the time to take a stand and say enough is enough. But don`t do it in such a way that you will cause yourself insecurity at the far end of it. Try to throw your energy into joint co-operative ventures. If you pull together you can achieve a great deal more than you would solo.

Gemini Tagalog Horoscope – February 2014

Born May 22-June21

Element: Air

Planet: Mercury

Symbol: The Twins

Stone: Tourmaline

Colors: Orange and yellow

Key Word: Versatility

Key Phrase: I Think

Opposite Sign: Sagittarius

Rewarding Days: 6, 12, 27

Challenging Days: 2, 19, 22

Famous Filipinos: Desiree Del Valle (May 28), Don All ado (June 10), Camille Pratts (June 20), Dr. Jose Rizal (June 19)

Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Love and Relationships

You will be craving security and stability within your relationships this month. Your love horoscope has you reflecting on what is most important to you in regards to your life. This reflection has you wanting to make changes that make your life better. Just remember that what is best for you may not be best for those who love you. Maneuver your way through these sticky situations with your natural tact and wit on high alert. You will be able to minimize hurt feeling and emotions that way.

Work and Career

Your work horoscope is solid and stable. This is exactly what you are craving from your life this month so you will be quite satisfied with what is going on at work. You will feel content and appreciated, which will be a comforting feeling considering everything else that is going on in your life. Really take the time to appreciate the contented emotions that are flowing within you and strive to achieve that feeling with other aspects of your life.

Money and Finances

Admittedly, money is not your strong suit or your top priority, Gemini. It will become important, however, to at least be in the know about what is happening with your finances. Ignoring it doesn’t make it not exist. You need to buckle down and find out what is going on so that you can maintain control. Ignorance is not bliss in this situation. You never want surprises when you are dealing with your money.

Health and Fitness

You are considering adopting an exercise routine of some sort. You have not been very successful in maintaining one in your everyday life, but making the effort never hurts. Consider taking your exercise outside, with music or with friends. You will enjoy the company and having someone to hold you to the commitment doesn’t hurt either. If you can combine the physical exercise with mental exercise, you will have a winning recipe.

Travel and Lifestyle

Your lifestyle horoscope encourages you to share your knowledge and abilities whenever the opportunity presents itself. You are a helper and peacemaker by nature and you always feel productive when you are able to help people. Be constantly wary of overloading yourself. If you could, you would help everyone who needed it. In this case, quality over quantity is the way to go.

Overall, your Gemini Tagalog horoscope for February has you constantly searching for stability and security in all aspects of your life. You will need to find balance and equality among your choices and within your environment. Your mental and spiritual balance is directly related to the amount of balance you are able to create and maintain in your day-to-day activities.

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