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Daily Horoscope for
It`s always a good idea to think before speaking. Maybe you already convinced yourself, but other people will take a little more work. Sometimes only a complete stranger can see the big holes in a supposedly airtight argument or cover story. You may be telling the absolute truth, but not everyone is willing to believe. Complicated explanations only keep your mission off track, anyway. You have important business here, even if you end up handling the whole thing on your own. When it`s time to pay out the dividends, you`ll remember who your real friends are.

Libra Tagalog Horoscope – February 2014

Born September 24 – October 23

Element: Air

Planet: Venus

Symbol: The Scales

Stone: Opal

Colors: Pink and Blue

Key Word: Harmony

Key Phrase: I Balance

Opposite Sign: Aries

Rewarding Days: 8, 18, 22

Challenging Days: 2, 16, 30

Famous Filipinos: Korina Sanchez (October 5), Sandy Andolong (October 8), Grace Lee (October 4), Vina Morales (October 17)

Libra Monthly Horoscope

Love and Relationships

Your relationship horoscope has started to calm down. Things are starting to fall into place and reach a point of contentedness. You have felt a little discombobulated lately and you will finally have some relief from the craziness. Make sure you let those loved ones who remained by your side that you appreciate them. You have a renewed sense of support and love surrounding you and that will translate into some positive energy.

Work and Career

The theme of calm and contentment carries over into your work horoscope. You continue to have a sense of security and confidence when it comes to your work and your ability to do your job. You have a lot of positive things happening right now. Your confidence is building, which enables you to produce better and more efficient results. There is a very positive domino effect that is occurring for you and you just need to hold on and enjoy the ride.

Money and Finances

It is time for you to start enjoying your money. You have work very hard to establish security and consistency with your finances. Now is the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You are naturally cautious with your spending so go out and have some fun. The only thing can throw a wrench in your plans is if you allow someone else to dictate what you do with your money. Remain in control at all times and you will have no issues.

Health and Fitness

Your health horoscope needs you to do some upkeep. Get in to your physician and get a check-up. All aspects of your well-being need to be addressed this month. Do a self assessment of your mental, physical, and emotional states. Do not overlook anything and take every concern you may have seriously. It becomes easy to ignore things about ourselves that we don’t want to confront.

Travel and Lifestyle

Your lifestyle horoscope encourages you to think of others. You will gain a lot of joy from helping those who need it. Any way that you may choose to give your time and money will be a positive experience. You will be spiritually fulfilled and that will carry over into all other aspects of your life.

Overall, your Libra tagalog horoscope for February is a very positive one. You have the type of stability and comfort that most people crave everyday. You need to embrace your good fortune and make the best of every wonderful day that you are blessed with. Remember to pay it forward and you will receive so much pleasure from giving to others.

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