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Daily Horoscope for
It`s always a good idea to think before speaking. Maybe you already convinced yourself, but other people will take a little more work. Sometimes only a complete stranger can see the big holes in a supposedly airtight argument or cover story. You may be telling the absolute truth, but not everyone is willing to believe. Complicated explanations only keep your mission off track, anyway. You have important business here, even if you end up handling the whole thing on your own. When it`s time to pay out the dividends, you`ll remember who your real friends are.

Sagittarius Tagalog Horoscope – February 2014

Born November 22 – December 21

Element: Fire

Planet: Jupiter

Symbol: Archer’s Arrow

Stone: Turquoise

Colors: Royal Blue and Purple

Key Word: Optimism

Key Phrase: I Understand

Opposite Sign: Gemini

Rewarding Days: 6, 14, 20

Challenging Days: 9, 23, 27

Famous Filipinos: Angeline Quinto (November 26), Randy Santiago (November 26), Eula Valdez (December 11), Pia Archangel (December 8)

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Love and Relationships

You are beginning to grow tired of the single or non-committed life, Sagittarius. Your relationship horoscope pushes you to search and strive for meaningful bonds and experiences. You no longer find amusement in following your every whim. You are craving something stronger and lasting for your future. Now, wanting more stable relationships and being able to maintain one are two totally different things. There will need to be some sincere hard work done on your part.

Work and Career

You are growing tired of waiting to be appreciated when it comes to your professional life. You will need to make a difficult and important decision: should you stick it out or look for something else. Keep in mind that you may not be the only person affected by the decision you make. Decide which move would be most worth your time. Don’t let your pride get in the way of what is best for you and your loved ones in the long run.

Money and Finances

Your money horoscope for this February insists that you gain control over your impulses. You will take a significant hit to your financial status if you cannot find the ability to monitor yourself. You will need to find it within yourself t be able to achieve this. You will not be able to count on your close friends or family because they have fallen into the habit of enabling you.

Health and Fitness

Your health horoscope will falter a bit, Sagittarius. You will experience some minor health issues, but nothing that will be of serious concern. Try to combat these problems by getting enough sleep and controlling your stress levels. You tend to handle health issues really well so simply listen to what your body needs and you will get through the concerns easily enough.

Travel and Lifestyle

It is time to do some traveling, according to your tagalog horoscope. It doesn’t matter if it is big or small, short or long. Any type of travel is past due for you. Use the time to refocus your mind and reenergize your body. Make it fun, exciting or relaxing depending on what you feel you need most right now. Do not feel guilty if you don’t want to take anyone along. We all need time to ourselves every now and then.

Overall, your Sagittarius tagalog horoscope for February is full of different types of commitment. You are searching for a more solid and stable feeling with your life and the direction it is taking. You will need to be focused and be able to keep things in perspective in order to get what you want.

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