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Daily Horoscope for
You need to shake yourself out of situations where you`ve been feeling too timid. Maybe you haven`t faced up to certain people or been over-compromising. Stop sweeping your feelings under the carpet. Now is the time to take a stand and say enough is enough. But don`t do it in such a way that you will cause yourself insecurity at the far end of it. Try to throw your energy into joint co-operative ventures. If you pull together you can achieve a great deal more than you would solo.

Scorpio Tagalog Horoscope – January 2014

October 24 – November 22

Element: Water

Planet: Pluto (Mars)

Symbol: Scorpion’s Tail

Stone: Topaz

Colors: Burgundy and Black

Key Word: Intensity

Key Phrase: I Create

Opposite Sign: Taurus

Rewarding Days: 5, 14, 23

Challenging Days: 4, 19, 25

Famous Filipinos: Boy Abundo (October 29), Christine Bersola (October 30), Christopher de Leon (October 31), Arnold Clavio (November 2)

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Love and Relationships

Your relationship horoscope wants you to remain open-minded with any and all of the relationships you are in. You are at a point in your life where you don’t feel that you can be a picky as you have previously been. You have matured enough emotionally to understand there is something beautiful to find in everyone you meet. This attitude will be a tremendous asset to you as you move forward with your personal relationships.

Work and Career

It is a wonderful time for you to take a vacation from work. You have been working hard and it would be best to take a break before you get burned out. You have a tendency to push yourself rather hard, but it will be beneficial to you to take some time away. If you are having a difficult time completely cutting yourself off, work a little while you are away, but at least you be able to get some distance.

Money and Finances

Your financial horoscope wants you to continue to be careful with your money. You are not out of the woods yet, so you will have to pay very close attention to your spending. If you have family members under your care, you need to have them reign in their spending as well.

Health and Fitness

Your health horoscope wants you keep an eye on your health again. You will start to have your usual ailments and issues again. Watch your eating habits, keep up your supplemental regiment and keep your exercise at a minimum while you are not feeling your best. Your moods and attitude play a huge role in how your body can handle sickness and stress. It is so important for you to try to control your emotions as much and as often as possible.

Travel and Lifestyle

Scorpio, your lifestyle horoscope encourages you to open up your mind, heart and home. You tend to be a solitary personality and certainly prefer to be on your own. As you start to experience more of life, you start to realize that it would not be so bad to have someone around to share things with. You need to work very hard at becoming the kind of person that others want to be around all the time.

Overall, your Scorpio tagalog horoscope for January wants you to work on molding the person that you are into the person that you want to be. You are surrounded with the need to be better emotionally and mentally. You are finally realizing that there are things that you can learn from other people and that there is always room to grow.

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