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August 2013 Tagalog Horoscope for Leo

July 24 – August 23

Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: The Sun

Symbol: the lion

Stone: Ruby

Colors: Red and orange

Days: Tuesday and Saturday

Numbers: 8, 30, and 78

Famous Filipinos: Manuel Quezon (Aug 19), Daniel Arca Inosanto (July 24), Eugene Domingo (July 23), Dolphy (July 25), Pelita Corales (Aug 22)

Leos love strongly and will defend the honor of those they love. Love triumphs over all for a Leo. You are charismatic and very forward thinking. You attract lots of friends and prospects. You are able to get through tough times with grace and integrity. Commitment is very important to you as well. Once your heart or trust has been broken, there is no going back. Leos can hold a grudge but there is always a good reason for it. These traits will serve as a template for many people in your life this month. You will be an inspiration to them by simply being you. There is a lot to learn from just watching someone who can conduct him or her in a consistently positive manner. You may be a bit surprised by all of the attention since you aren’t acting any different than usual, but as time goes on you will start to understand more clearly the profound effect you have on people.

August may begin with a bit of a melancholy feel to it but that feeling will pass quickly.  You will find your creative juices flowing in no time as the month progresses. You will find the need to be alone at times as well. This is unusual for you but it is not something to worry about. The idea of a movie or hike by yourself will be appealing. You’ll find it rejuvenating to your life and especially to your relationships. You are solid in your friendships and love; therefore this sudden need to be by yourself will not cause any tension.

Your love life (whatever stage it is in) has been solid and steady up until now. It will continue to be that way throughout this month. There will not be anything significant happening whether it be good or bad. You should, however, stop to really appreciate what you have. Many people would give anything to have a relationship that is reliable and solid.  The only disruptive possibilities are with your family. There will be some tensions within the family and you will be forced to choose sides.This will not be an issue that you can ignore. Your family will need your guidance as well.  They will want your honest opinion on matters and, no matter what you say or believe, someone will be hurt. It will not be an easy situation to resolve. Keep your mind and heart open and the right decisions will come to you naturally.  Avoid little white lies that you think will spare someone’s feelings. In the end, the truth is the only thing that will guide the problem to a solution.

Social events will add some spice to your life. You will have the opportunity to attend some larger events like a rally, concert or sporting event. Don’t pass up the chance to surround yourself with new and interesting people. Just be sure to attend something you are passionate about. You will enjoy yourself more and you will have an instant camaraderie with the audience. Since you will be among strangers, be wary of people taking advantage of your fun-loving nature. It is easy to get carried away in that kind of environment. There is a tendency to form quick bonds with those around you. Just keep your wits about you and go with your instincts about the people you meet.

If you are thinking of switching careers, consider moving to a different area, state or even country. A total overhaul will help you feel justified in your decision to make such a momentous change. If you don’t have any strong ties to where you are, moving to a completely different city and starting a completely different job can be exciting. If you have not found anything to commit to yet, go somewhere new and find someone or something to commit to there. Once a Leo commits, it is solid so take advantage of being able to change your scenery while you can.

If you are already in a profession that you enjoy, now is a good time to get a bit friendlier with your colleagues. They will prove to be very important to you in maintaining your happiness and success at work.  It is not that you have not been friendly with them. You will simply start to really see the value in sharing your ideas with them and creating together. These new collaborations will serve you well as the year progresses.

If you choose to travel, watch your budget. You tend to spend a little more than you should. Your exuberant personality causes you to spend quite a bit in general. You are normally the life of the party but that does not mean that you have to pay for the entire party.  You can sometimes get a little carried away. Remember not to spend beyond your means. You never know when an emergency will arise and it’s always best to be prepared.

Despite your natural tendency to be assertive, you will find yourself feeling rather mellow this month. For the most part, everything in your life is great so there is nothing pressing to think about. Soak it all in and be grateful.  Many people would give anything to have just one stress free day.

Almost everyday you have is a good day, but Tuesdays and Saturdays this month will be especially motivating for you. You’ll have a bit of extra energy and motivation to get you through your day.  You will wake up feeling refreshed and excited to face the day. Try to spread that enthusiasm around to your love ones. Your mood will be contagious. Enhance it even more by wearing your power colors. Red and orange will only add to your already fiery aura. You will simply shine as you make your way through this month.

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