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Daily Horoscope for
You need to shake yourself out of situations where you`ve been feeling too timid. Maybe you haven`t faced up to certain people or been over-compromising. Stop sweeping your feelings under the carpet. Now is the time to take a stand and say enough is enough. But don`t do it in such a way that you will cause yourself insecurity at the far end of it. Try to throw your energy into joint co-operative ventures. If you pull together you can achieve a great deal more than you would solo.

Leo Tagalog Horoscope 2015

Born July 24 – August 23

Element: Fire

Planet: Sun

Symbol: Lion’s Tail

Stone: Ruby

Colors: Gold and Scarlet

Key Word: Magnetism

Key Phrase: I Will

Opposite Sign: Aquarius


You have high standards for yourself and everyone around you, Leo. This can often result in you becoming responsible for too many things, which can overwhelm you. Leos tend to become workaholics or overly invested in their hobbies. You are fiercely loyal to those you care about and you are very family oriented. You are ambitious and determined about most things that you put effort into, but execution can often be a problem.

You tend to be a high-earner because you tend to be a high-spender says your tagalog horoscope. Poverty and crimes against humanity are intolerable to you and you often take pains to do what you can to resolve those types of issues. You are never out to impress people so you have difficulty understanding jealousy. You re most comfortable when you are in charge of whatever you are doing. You hate to be disrespected or ridiculed so you might as well be the boss of whatever you choose to do.

You have a tendency to become depressed at times, but are usually able to bounce back fairly quickly. These bouts will become more frequent as you get older so be aware of it and seek help if necessary. It helps to surround yourself with people who understand this about you and can help when those times arise.

Love and Relationships

Family—A Leo father can be a very successful, involved parent if he can remember that children are not simply little adults. He willingly makes sacrifices for his children to help better their lives. A Leo mother is caring and responsible, but does not thrive in a solely domestic life. She can become easily irritated with excessive noise or issues. A Leo child understands from early on that they are special and destined for great things. They are loved and wanted, but understand the high expectations that are placed on them. They are outgoing, but surprisingly sensitive.

Friendships—Leos are naturally friendly and develop many meaningful relationships throughout their lives. You are very loyal and helpful to all that you care for. Unfortunately, your generosity can sometimes be misguided and you are left wondering where things went wrong. When your friends are weaker than you are, it makes you feel needed and powerful. You are the first person your friends call when they need help and you are the first to offer assistance.

Love—Growing up for a Leo can be a long process. Some Leos experiment with long and short-term relationships before becoming serious about things. Often times they find themselves in a passionate-filled relationship where their partner is far away or not truly available. Once this phase is out of your system, you can find someone with whom you can be comfortable and childish with.

You are an interesting balance of fiercely independent and extremely needy. This combination requires quite a bit of understanding. You can achieve great things outside of your home, but you are still insecure. You need a partner who will be able to validate you and increase your self-worth. If you can find someone who understands this dichotomy, you will be in a long, happy and fulfilling marriage. If your partner resents your successes and capabilities, you will find yourself miserable rather quickly.

Work and Career

You prefer a glamorous environment to work in, Leo, but you are still able to do menial jobs if necessary. You do, however, prefer to have a prestigious job, where you can meet and mingle with powerful people. You ultimate job would be that of a glamorous entertainer—singer or movie star. If you won your own business, you will work extremely hard if for no other reason than you do not want to fail. Fancy business trips suit you very well indeed.

Money and Finances

You enjoy hard work and you enjoy spending money even more, according to your tagalog horoscopes. You have impeccable taste no matter what you are deciding on. From your clothing to your furniture, you prefer the best of the best. You have the ability to be a good bargain shopper when necessary, but you certainly instinctively know how to pick the best. Be sure to be diligent about saving because although your earn a lot so that you can spend a lot, you need to save something for an emergency.

Health and Fitness

Any part of your spine can be vulnerable for you, Leo. You must be careful when you are picking things up and carrying heavy loads. You should avoid jerky rollercoasters as well as heavy hitting sports. Your body is simply not equipped to handle such things. Most Leos drive themselves very hard in life and as a result, high-blood pressure and heart problems can be a distinct possibility. Taking a long-term approach to your health will be the answer. Learn early on how to eat right and exercise regularly and your later adulthood will go much more smoothly. Your biggest indulgences will be fancy cheeses and anything chocolate.

Travel and Lifestyle

Your Leo tagalog horoscope suggests that travel will be very important in your life, both leisurely as well as for work. You enjoy getting away and learning about new cultures. For some Leos, travel will become a necessity. You often prefer to travel on your own, so be sure that your partner understands this about you.

If it isn’t the most expensive, you don’t buy it! You like to look good as be surrounded by the best. High-quality that stands the test of time works best for male Leos, but only expensive name brands will so for the female Leo. Gold and orange tones suit your moods and personality best and you tend to surround yourself with those colors at home and at work as well.

Opulence is a good way to describe what you want out of a home, Leo. A big house with spacious rooms is what you need. Big, overstuffed furniture covering your warm and inviting family room is what you dream of. You love to be home so you spend a lot of time and money to make it just the way you like it. You can be a bit protective of your things, but you will learn as you get older that wear and tear means love and use.

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