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Libra Tagalog Horoscope

Born September 24 – October 23

Element: Air

Planet: Venus

Symbol: The Scales

Stone: Opal

Colors: Pink and Blue

Key Word: Harmony

Key Phrase: I Balance

Opposite Sign: Aries


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Libra Tagalog horoscope focuses on restoring balance. You have the skill, willingness and patience to do just that in all aspects in your life. You have been blessed with poise, charm, intuitive social skills and the ability to put everyone around you at ease. You are the type of person that everyone wants to have around. You have many friends and acquaintances, but your specialty is one-on one relationships. You learned early on in life how to make people like you and create peace and harmony wherever you go. As a result, you have a tendency to keep your true feeling to yourself even if it means pretending to agree with someone when you don’t. As you get older, you will learn to express your feelings more freely and agree to disagree or politely change the subject. The one major flaw in your personality is your indecision. It is very difficult for you to make a definitive decision when all choices are appealing to you. This trait can be both endearing and completely irritating to those around you. Give yourself ample time to consider your decision. Don’t take too much time weighing your options. Sometimes going with your gut is the best path to choose. You can make decisions without compromising your integrity and reputation.

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Love and Relationships

Your horoscope sign is the scales. Your relationship horoscope draws attention to your search for balance. It is something you always seek, but doesn’t come easily to you. With all of your charm and poise, you are the first person others come to for advice mediation and assistance with issues. This puts you right in the middle of confrontation and conflict, which you generally stay away from at all costs. Therefore, balance is something that you must work very hard for. You feel the need to keep the peace at all times so when it seems like you are relaxed and playing, you are actually always on duty. You make sure that everyone in the crowd feels as comfortable as possible and are willing to go to great lengths to make sure that is the case.

One-on-one personal relationships are where you shine. Once you devote your heart to someone, you are committed one hundred percent. This usually involves a lot of sacrifice, but you have the ability to draw out the same devotion from your partner so there is equality in the bond. Your charm can easily get you want you want from unsuspecting sources. You are attracted to people who are great fun and exciting playmates such as Sagittarians, but you are romantically drawn to your opposite sign, Aries or loyal Leo. Cancer and Capricorn may give you trouble in a long term situation. You need to be sure to pick someone who will appreciate the efforts you put into your relationship, but never take advantage of you or take you for granted.

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Work and Career

You are a natural people person according to your career horoscope, Libra. You would be successful as a social director or charity leader. Your understanding nature and ability to sincerely connect with people would be huge assets in the counseling field as well. You have a knack for mediation which could take you into couple counseling, arbitration or even hostage negotiation. Your skills coupled with your balanced nature make a very trustworthy combination. Whatever you choose to do, if you are content in your situation, your environment will reap the benefits. Your happiness will radiate to your work as well as your co-workers. You will be appreciated and even considered to be family. If your situation has any tension, however, you may be able to stick it out for a short while, but you will quickly come to a braking point and throw in the towel. You are the ultimate people person, which generally means that you will end up happiest when working with other people. You even have the ability to work with your significant other without any negative results.

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Money and Finances

Money is not a top priority for you. Your money horoscope shows that you simply view it as something that is necessary to live, but not essential for contentment. This attitude is fine to have as long as you have enough money to live off of. Your easy-going nature and eagerness to please often finds you spending your hard earned money on others even when you can’t afford it. It is easy for you to sacrifice for others, but you don’t often think ahead to consequences. While it is admirable to be so selfless, be wary of helping others to the point that it becomes detrimental to yourself.

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Health and Fitness

Libras don’t crave exercise as much as some of the other signs. A little exercise now and then is pleasant enough for you according to your health horoscope. You don’t need exercise to maintain your balance. It is more important for you to rest your mind regularly. Meditation or quiet time will do wonders for relaxing and resetting your thoughts. You spend so much of your time figuring out how to help, fix and adjust your surroundings that you need to shut off every now and then. Regular visits to your physician are recommended as well. You tend to keep your emotions bottled up inside and that can sometimes translate into physical ailments.

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Travel and Lifestyle

Your travel horoscope emphasizes your love of aesthetically beautiful things. You love to find new and exciting places, art, and music. Pleasing sights and sounds make you happy and having someone by your side to share the experience with is heaven to you. You rarely like to do anything by yourself. Surround yourself with quality people and fulfill your love for aesthetics on a regular basis.

In conclusion, your Libra Tagalog horoscope showcases your ability to create and maintain balance. Your innate ability to promote peace around you makes you a sought after companion and friend. You provide assistance, support and comfort for everyone around you. Keep a constant eye out for people who may take you for granted. You don’t have the sensibilities to handle anyone who is truly cruel. With all the poise and charm you were given, you will always be a welcome addition to the lives of everyone you touch.

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