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Daily Horoscope for
You need to shake yourself out of situations where you`ve been feeling too timid. Maybe you haven`t faced up to certain people or been over-compromising. Stop sweeping your feelings under the carpet. Now is the time to take a stand and say enough is enough. But don`t do it in such a way that you will cause yourself insecurity at the far end of it. Try to throw your energy into joint co-operative ventures. If you pull together you can achieve a great deal more than you would solo.

Pisces Tagalog Horoscope – May 2014

Born February 20 – March 20

Element: Water

Planet: Neptune

Symbol: The Fish

Stone: Aquamarine

Colors: Sea Green and Purple

Key Word: Transcendence

Key Phrase: I Believe

Opposite Sign: Virgo

Rewarding Days: 4, 13, 24

Challenging Days: 9, 12, 30

Famous Filipinos: Bianca Gonzales (March 11), Marcel Soriano (February 25), Bella Flores (February 27), Gloria Diaz (March 10)

Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Love and Relationships

Your love horoscope stresses the importance of not losing yourself within a relationship. You are an extremely giving person to the point of absorbing your partner’s likes and dislikes entirely. You must find a balance between sharing each other’s lives. It is wonderful to show interest in the things your loved one enjoys, but they need the same from you. It is through learning about each other that relationships can build a foundation from and subsequently grow.

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Work and Career

Many can learn a lot from your approach to working, Pisces. You keep your head down, focus on your work and are very loyal. You have the ability to see the big picture and understand what your role in it is. You can keep perspective when things get difficult and you can weather any storm that may pass through. You are reliable and stable, which are very admirable traits to have in an employee. You may not see appreciation for it often, but when you do need it, it is there.

Money and Finances

Your form of escaping from your life unfortunately usually involves money. You need to find more inexpensive ways to entertain yourself and get away from the world for a bit. Movies, concerts and casinos are getting to become a monetary nuisance for you. Branch out a bit and find other ways to shut your mind off for a while.

Health and Fitness

Your health horoscope recommends that you be cautious when trying new diets or alternative health avenues. Do not solely rely on the hype, but do your own research. What works for one person may not work for another. Have an open mind about trying things, but also about admitting when it isn’t for you. Don’t give in to peer pressure and don’t be discouraged if something doesn’t work. The fact that you are trying is a positive thing and, just like anything else in life, good things come to those who wait.

Travel and Lifestyle

You have been feeling nostalgic lately, Pisces, and this May is a good time for you do something about it. It may be time for a trip to somewhere familiar. Bring yourself back home or back t any roots that you have been missing or want to show to your loved ones. It can rejuvenate your spirit.

Overall, your Pisces tagalog horoscope for May is positive. Continue to work on improving yourself and finding your balance in life. You are a steady anchor in the lives of the people who love you and you must continue to work to make yourself happy as well.

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