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Daily Horoscope for
You need to shake yourself out of situations where you`ve been feeling too timid. Maybe you haven`t faced up to certain people or been over-compromising. Stop sweeping your feelings under the carpet. Now is the time to take a stand and say enough is enough. But don`t do it in such a way that you will cause yourself insecurity at the far end of it. Try to throw your energy into joint co-operative ventures. If you pull together you can achieve a great deal more than you would solo.

Aquarius Tagalog Horoscope – November 2013

Born January 21 – February 19

Element: Air

Planet: Uranus

Symbol: The Waves

Stone: Amethyst

Colors: Blue and Violet

Key Word: Unconventional

Key Phrase: I Know

Opposite Sign: Leo

Rewarding Days: 4, 19, 23

Challenging Days: 2, 8, 15

Famous Filipinos: Chichay (January 21), Alex To (February 10), Charlene Louise Alagon Almarvez (January 25)

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

Love & Relationships

Your relationship horoscope this month will present you with a dilemma. You will need to choose between your work-related responsibilities and spending quality time with your romantic partner. This issue has been building up slowly over the past few months. This choice may even be presented to you in the form of an ultimatum from either side. Be sure to not be caught off guard. Make your choice for yourself before you are put on the spot.

Work & Career

Aquarians this month will demonstrate an unusual amount of team spirit, according to your work horoscope. Your specialty seems to be group projects. Once you feel as if you have found your team, you will feel quite devoted to the cause. You will be so involved that you may be asked to take charge. Make sure that you are willing to make the necessary sacrifices to take on the task before you accept.

Money & Finances

our feeling of team unity will spill over into your spending this month as well. You will want to indulge yourself and your new found team with business lunches and dinners. Do not get overzealous with your generosity. You do not always keep the best eye on your spending. You do not have to feel like it is your responsibility to entertain for every occasion.

Travel & Lifestyle

Your lifestyle horoscope encourages you to incorporate your love of music and arts into your life more. Concerts, museums, and dance clubs should be a regular part of your extracurricular activities. They keep things interesting for you and help your mind and body achieve balance. After an event, you will feel spiritually nourished, which always has the ability to improve your mood.

Health & Fitness

You feel very connected to music so when you combine that with physical activity, you will have a winning combination. Whether you take dance classes or run while listening to music, you will be happier and therefore more likely to stick with it. You are a stress eater so be constantly aware of your moods and how they affect your eating habits. You can be very fickle from day to day and that can cause your immune system to weaken and result in illness.

Overall, your Aquarius Tagalog horoscope for November has changes in store for you. You have some potentially big changes happening in your personal as well as professional life. The changes that occur will really determine what happens to you the rest of the month. Use music and the arts to soothe your soul and mind when things get too intense. Follow through with every change to the end…now is not the time for your unpredictable nature to make an appearance.

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