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August 2013 Tagalog Horoscope for Pisces

February 20 – March 20

Element: Water

Ruling Planet: Neptune

Symbol: Two fish

Stone: Amethyst

Color: Purple

Day: Friday

Numbers: 2, 9, and 23

Famous Filipinos: Gabriela Silong (Mar 19), Panchito (Feb 25), Lea Salonga (Feb 22), Bella Flores (Feb 27)

You will feel torn between two important issues this month. On one hand, you have your partner seeking more time with you. On the other hand, is a family member who needs your guidance through a rough time. You will feel extremely torn between these two obligations and you take them both very seriously.  Everyone needs to remember that they don’t need you as much as they think they do. Although it is wonderful how accommodating you are to those you love, don’t go to such extremes that you neglect yourself. You have a tendency to give everything you have to the people you choose to help, but end up weary and broken yourself when you are done. There is only so much one person can do and your loved ones need to keep that in mind.

You crowd your days with helping others and accommodating people so often that you tend to seek out an escape on your free time. Your propensity for fantasy and wishful thinking takes you to the movies or the casinos very often.  You enjoy these outings because they free you (for at least a little while) from the burdens that people place on you. Just be cautious that you don’t go overboard.  Stay within your means. You’ll have the urge to rationalize spending more time and money because you deserve it, but if you can’t afford it, you are actually only causing yourself more troubles. A possibly more viable way for you to get your escape is through exercise. Take your dog for a walk or stroll through the park and people watch. The fresh air will do wonders for your body and you can daydream to get your mind off of things.

You have felt unappreciated at work for some time now. You feel taken advantage of because of your quiet, easy nature. These issues will come to a head in August. You will finally put your foot down and demand that you be heard. Your introverted nature will be screaming at you to stop, but you’ve really had enough. You are a valuable employee and everyone knows it, but they have been letting things continue to go on the way they have in the hopes that you would never say anything. The stress from having to be confrontational will pay off in a big way. Not only will you get the changes you want, but also you will be compensated handsomely as well. This will validate your worth to everyone.  This entire ordeal is the first step in your journey to more self-confidence. You will see more glimpses of it as the end of the year approaches.

You may start having some trouble with insomnia. Try to get into a nightly routine so that your body knows what to expect. Try to watch TV, read or work away from your bed. Those activities stimulate your brain, which prevents you from shutting your brain off and getting a good nights sleep. You function fairly well on little sleep but that can’t last for too long. If it lasts too long, consider going to see your doctor.

You are in need of something new. You are a very solid, stable and humble personality. You very rarely spend significant money on yourself. Now is the time. Buy a new car, new clothes or some jewelry. Do something for yourself and don’t feel guilty about it. You have a tendency to undervalue your own worth. Most of your problems are because people need you too much. That is because you give so much of yourself that they become dependent on you. So, show yourself some appreciation and find something that will make you happy.

You will take some last minute trips with family. One minute you all will be sitting around reminiscing about things and the next you’ll all suddenly decide to go to one of the places you were talking about. The spontaneity will be refreshing to your soul. You would never act this way on your own so you’ll be grateful for the push and the company. Your heart is most settled when surrounded by loved ones. You are a worrier by nature, so to have your family by your side is where you prefer them to be. Just like at work, make sure your loved ones never take advantage of you. Make sure that they always realize your worth just as you always know theirs. Don’t just settled for whatever people will give you. Expect to get back what your worth and you are worth a lot.

Fridays will become significant this month. You will start a routine for yourself on Fridays that will continue for a long time. It will be something that you enjoy and with people you enjoy being around. It will become a Friday tradition and it will last for quite some time. It could be going out to dinner or drinks, going to the movies or going to the casino. Whatever it is, it will become tradition and it will be something you look forward to every week. The regularity of it will make your workweek easier to handle because you have something solid to look forward to.

Your journey to more self-confidence has just begun. You had a taste of what it feels like and you will start to crave more. Your shy, introverted nature is a bit resistant but now that you know that what you were thinking was right all along, you won’t wait so long to speak up. It definitely won’t be a quick process, but you are well on your way to improving things for yourself. You will even start to try out your newfound confidence on your family too. They, of course, will be much more receptive to it than your colleagues at work. They already know how great you are.  Consider wearing purple as often as possible. It exudes confidence and it will only help you in your journey.

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