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Daily Horoscope for
You need to shake yourself out of situations where you`ve been feeling too timid. Maybe you haven`t faced up to certain people or been over-compromising. Stop sweeping your feelings under the carpet. Now is the time to take a stand and say enough is enough. But don`t do it in such a way that you will cause yourself insecurity at the far end of it. Try to throw your energy into joint co-operative ventures. If you pull together you can achieve a great deal more than you would solo.

Pisces Tagalog Horoscope – September 2013

Born February 20 – March 20

Element: Water

Planet: Neptune

Symbol: The Fish

Stone: Aquamarine

Colors: Sea Green and Purple

Key Word: Transcendence

Key Phrase: I Believe

Opposite Sign: Virgo

Rewarding Days: 6, 9, 30

Challenging Days: 17, 18, 26

Famous Filipinos: Gloria Diaz (March 10), Jaime Fabregas (February 28), Maricel Soriano (February 25), Bianca Gonzales (March 11)

Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Pisces tagalog horoscope for September brings travel, love temptation, and accusation. You often like to cast yourself as the victim in uncomfortable situations. You have a difficult time acknowledging when or if you have had a hand in any troubling situation that happens to you. Let’s face it, it is happening to you therefore the likelihood that you had something to do with it is pretty high. You will need a major dose of reality soon or those closest to you will start to get annoyed and start to pull away from you. Accepting your part in your troubles shows maturity and wisdom.


You have been hard at work for what seems like a long time now and the time has finally come for a significant break. While this break will likely still involve work, you will have the opportunity to plan a fun getaway. Use your creativity to plan a great excursion that mixes business with pleasure. It may be your only chance for a significant trip for some time so make the best of it. You will have some freedom in choosing where and what you will do. You have a tendency to choose what is most convenient for everyone involved, but you should throw that attitude out the window for this particular trip. Put yourself first for once and choose something that will make you happy. Everyone else will feed off of your enthusiasm.

Love & Relationships

September brings your admirers out of the woodwork. You will attract many, especially on your rewarding days, and you will not know what to do with all the attention. Generally, you shy away from this type of notice. If you are single, you should relax and open up. You have the potential to find someone who makes you feel truly special. You will have to filter out the insincere attention and find the person who is truly into you. For those Pisceans who are in a relationship, you will have to try very hard to look past the instant gratification that all this attention can bring you. Consider your options and move forward sensibly. The last thing you want to do is get caught up in a love triangle that will undoubtedly complicate your life.
Your commitment to old acquaintances and attention to past partners will be called into question this month. If you are honest with yourself, you knew this was coming. There have been times in the past when you have chosen these old relationships over your current ones. You first need to decide what exactly it is that you want because you cannot have both. You have already crossed the line of courtesy. Your current relationship may already be too far damaged from your dishonesty to salvage. You have quite a mess on your hands and it is time to clean it up. There will be many hurt feelings so you must know what you want before you face the firing squad. Everything you do and say will be closely scrutinized by all parties involved. Focus on the relationship you want to save. Direct your words and actions in that direction only because there will no avoiding the anger coming from everywhere else.

With the damage control you will be managing in your relationships, you have developed a calming approach when it comes to emergencies. You will need this skill around the end of the month when something will arise that disrupts the flow of your everyday life. You will be better equipped to deal with the situation than everyone else involved. Use this as an opportunity to showcase your skills. Someone of importance is definitely watching.


You need to be careful with your money. You are a stress spender and you have a lot of stress surrounding you this month. It is understandable to need an outlet to get your mind of troubles. It is not understandable, however, to overindulge and throw caution to the wind simply to make yourself feel better for a few hours. You need to find a more suitable outlet for releasing your stress. Meditation seems to be best suited for you. You don’t necessarily need a release for your body, but your mind is always on overdrive. Find ways to turn it off for a while without spending all the money you have.

Health & Fitness

If you haven’t gotten your sleep issues under control, now is the optimum time to do so. With all that you have going on, regular sleep will be extremely important to your health and sanity. Consulting a doctor may be your only solution at this point. You don’t want to find yourself having a mental breakdown. Lack of sleep is a significant issue and should be taken seriously. You have dealt with it on your own long enough.

On your challenging days, prep yourself for a tough time. If you go into your day prepared for the worst, you will be pleasantly surprised. If you go in without mentally preparing yourself for what may lie ahead, you will be in for some mental hurt. You do not handle the unexpected very well. You tend to crawl into your shell and shut down. Your issues need to be faced head on everyday in order to be resolved. Do yourself a favor and accept that you have a tough fight ahead of you and that you need to be alert, aware and present at all times. If you can get through this rough patch mostly unscathed, you will be able to retreat into your shell once again toward the end of the year. Overall, the September Tagalog horoscope is not too generous to the Piscean. There will be decisions to be made and tough issues to face, but in the end, you will be stronger, tougher and happier.

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