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Daily Horoscope for
It`s always a good idea to think before speaking. Maybe you already convinced yourself, but other people will take a little more work. Sometimes only a complete stranger can see the big holes in a supposedly airtight argument or cover story. You may be telling the absolute truth, but not everyone is willing to believe. Complicated explanations only keep your mission off track, anyway. You have important business here, even if you end up handling the whole thing on your own. When it`s time to pay out the dividends, you`ll remember who your real friends are.

Sagittarius Tagalog Horoscope – September 2013

Born November 22 – December 21

Element: Fire

Planet: Jupiter

Symbol: Archer’s Arrow

Stone: Turquoise

Colors: Royal Blue and Purple

Key Word: Optimism

Key Phrase: I Understand

Opposite Sign: Gemini

Rewarding Days: 3, 5, 17

Challenging Days: 8, 15, 23

Famous Filipinos: Robin Padilla (November 23), Ronaldo Valdez (November 27), Randy Santiago (November 26), Chynna Ortaleza (December 7)

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Sagittarius tagalog horoscope in September will bring a busy social life, priority shifts and self realization. Your typical larger than life personality will be hard at work this month. You will find that many of your natural traits are making their way to the surface. You’ll feel reckless one day and extremely honest another day. Your extroverted nature will be extremely apparent throughout the month. Be sure not to let yourself get too carried away. Sometimes you can be a bit much to handle for the people looking out for you. Remember that your actions affect more than just yourself and can reflect poorly on the people you care most about.

Love & Relationships

You will find your social calendar extremely full throughout September. While this is nothing new for you highly sought after Sagittarians, the amount of requests for your time and attendance is larger than normal. While you will want to make everyone happy, you simply cannot do it. You will have to start prioritizing your social schedule and spread your time out among your friends and family. Quality, not quantity will become your mantra in regards to socializing. Find ways to combine special occasions or invite people along with you to events. You despise the thought of turning down an invitation, but you will quickly learn how to do it. Luckily for you, this won’t have an impact on the way people view you. Your social calendar will be full for a long time to come.

Your partner has seemed extremely picky about things regarding you and relationship lately. They always seem to have something to say about your eating habits, the way you dress, and your hygiene habits. Rather than getting annoyed and ignoring what they are saying, perhaps you should give some thought to their suggestions. There may be truth to what they are saying. After all, anyone who loves you will only have your best interest at heart.

You will gain an important influential person in your life soon. They will, in some way, help to guide you toward the path that best reflects your beliefs and sensibilities. You will feel a sense of purpose and clarity once they enter your life. You will need to pay close attention to everyone you meet. You get along with almost everyone you come across so realising that this person is special won’t be the easiest task. You may have to slow down a bit and focus your attention more carefully than you normally do. You certainly do not want to miss this life altering opportunity.


You are having an internal debate about prioritising between your career and your home life. You can feel that your family is itching to have more of your time and attention, but you are torn because of your need to always please your boss. You take pride in your work and you never want to put in half the effort. You can feel, however, the tension in your family starting to grow stronger. It is at a point where you cannot ignore it any longer. Try opening the lines of communication with your family and explain your thought process. There is a chance that if you explain it sincerely and openly, they may give you the benefit of the doubt. What you absolutely should not do is ignore the situation altogether until it explodes on its own. It may be too late to salvage hurt feelings and resentments at that point.

Your thirst for knowledge will begin to overwhelm your mind toward the end of the September. You have always had a thirst for information and a need to learn new things. You should consider possibly continuing your education or taking a class for fun. Your mind needs stimulation that only education can fulfil. Brush up on your current skills or take a class to learn a new one. Those crossword puzzles and Sudoku games can only stimulate your mind so much.

Health & Fitness

Along with your mind, your body is craving some attention as well. Regular exercise may not be your thing, but your body needs to be moving. If your work is primarily sedentary, make sure that you do something physical to release some tension. Go for a walk on your lunch break or go out dancing in the evenings.

Travel & Lifestyle

Now is not the time for travelling, but you should start planning a future trip now. You have big vacation plans in your future that need ample planning. The time to start is now. Start with the major factors of the trip…who is going with you and where are you going. It will take some time to decide who you want to accompany you and find out whether or not they can go. Aim for planning the trip next summer. You will have plenty of time to plan and save up your money.


Speaking of money…you have gotten control of your finances by now and have a good routine of work and spending. You are finally starting to acknowledge that you have a propensity to overindulge at times. As they say, knowing is half the battle. Now that you have accepted this issue, you are now able to deal with it. Keep up the good work. You will soon realize that consistency in money matters make life a lot less stressful.

September’s Sagittarius tagalog horoscope suggests avoiding Geminis and Capricorns. While you are generally a very easy-going personality, there is a strong potential for negative outcomes with these particular signs. You’ve got a lot going on this month and anything to prevent complications in your life will only help. Pay special attention to the people you meet on your rewarding days. This is the optimum time to meet that significant influential person. Keep your eyes, ears, mind and heart open and you will be on your way down the right path.

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