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Daily Horoscope for
It`s always a good idea to think before speaking. Maybe you already convinced yourself, but other people will take a little more work. Sometimes only a complete stranger can see the big holes in a supposedly airtight argument or cover story. You may be telling the absolute truth, but not everyone is willing to believe. Complicated explanations only keep your mission off track, anyway. You have important business here, even if you end up handling the whole thing on your own. When it`s time to pay out the dividends, you`ll remember who your real friends are.

Virgo Tagalog Horoscope – September 2013

Born August 24 – September 23

Element: Earth

Planet: Mercury

Symbol: The Virgin

Stone: Sapphire

Colors: Gray and Navy Blue

Key Word: Discriminating

Key Phrase: I Analyze

Opposite Sign: Pisces

Rewarding Days: 2, 3, 6

Challenging Days: 24, 25, 26

Famous Filipinos: Ariel Rivera (September 1), Bodie Cruz (September 8), Tito Sotto (August 24), Francine Prieto (September 17)

Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Virgo Tagalog horoscope for September brings you good money, hot romance and tension-filled friendships. Your perfectionist and critical nature will be called into question a bit this month. Be wary that you don’t push your opinions on someone who is not willing to listen or cannot handle your honest delivery. Your instincts in regards to money are spot on and will provide a stability that you have been craving from other aspects of your life. Your relationships this month will be fickle and fluctuating through September. There will be plenty of ups and downs. There will be moments where the ups are spectacularly up and the downs are devastatingly down. You will need to keep your emotions and priorities in check at all times to ensure an acceptable end result.

Love & Relationships

It will be in your best interest to avoid confrontation with people you have little patience for. With the emotional ups and downs that will be plaguing you, there will be little room for tolerance in your mind. Those under the signs of Libra and Sagittarius may especially get under your skin. Your signs are mismatched this month. You will need to do some anticipating and thinking ahead in order to avoid unwanted confrontations. Keep focused and you will be able to get through the month unscathed.

Your fondness for fixing things has most recently been focused on people. There are many friends that you have been, in your mind, trying to help improve their lives. You only offer help in areas that you feel that you know a lot about, but you know a lot about everything. Your assistance is starting to overwhelm those you are helping and they are starting not to appreciate the help for what it is. They are starting to get defensive and feel that you are being judgmental. You will have to assess whether or not your time is being well spent. If the friendship is worth your time, then you need to back off for a while and allow your friend to come to you when they decide they need help. You may feel like the person you are helping is being ungrateful. In that case, it may be better to cut the relationship off there. You don’t need to waste your time on someone who does not appreciate sincere concern. You do have a tendency to be a bit overwhelming in your delivery, however, but someone who truly cares about you will know that you are coming from a place of love and concern.

If you are a single Virgo, you will be on the prowl. You are not looking for serious right now. You want no strings attached fun and that is what you will get. As always, be careful whom you choose and be clear about what you want so there is no confusion. You are not in the right state of mind for something serious and long lasting and it is a good thing that you know it. Be responsible for your actions and take responsibility for the feelings of the people you meet.


The universe is shining positively across your money matters right now. Particularly in the early days of September, you will realize that the stability of your financial situation brings you great comfort. You have put in plenty of your time and it feels good to finally feel the benefits of it. You critical eye and perfectionist attitude has always served you well when dealing with finances. Perhaps now is the time to put some real thought into opening up your own business. Your attention to detail would be perfect for overseeing your own endeavors. You have retained all that you have learned so far and have many ideas of how to succeed in the future. Those ideas may be better expressed for your own personal gain rather than a company’s.

The Virgos life will start to feel unbalanced and stressful for no particular reason toward the 24th of this month. This unease will last for a few days, but you will bounce right back. In fact, you will bounce to the complete opposite extreme. Your love life will take on a sudden hot streak at the end of September. The term “hot and bothered” will be your mantra. If you are in a relationship, take advantage of your sudden feistiness and treat your partner to something special. Let them know how much they mean to you because you are not typically the expressive type. They know you love them, but they do not hear it straight out your mouth too often.

Health & Fitness

Exercise, exercise, exercise…you will need it this month. With the emotional stress that you will go through, exercise will be a necessity. Regulating your exercise routine will help you remain consistent. This can become another stable thing in your life that will ease your mind and body.

You will have a chance run in with someone from your past. It is all up to you how this chance meeting will affect your future. Your initial reaction will determine whether this person will become a regular part of your life or another passing memory. Remember to consider how your loved ones will react to seeing this person again. It may be more trouble than it is worth to allow this person back in. Process all of the emotions that you go through and try to remember all of the memories, good and bad, that involve this person. Don’t be blinded by the initial feelings that overwhelm you when you first see them again. There was a reason that they were not part of your life all this time.

Overall, Virgos Tagalog horoscope this September is full of emotions. Wear grays or blues in those troubling times. It will help you feel calm and more in control of your emotions. Remember that the reality is that you can’t control everything all the time. Once you can come to grips with that, you will fair better emotionally.

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