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Where the Tarot is metaphorical and emotional, the Lenormand is literal and practical!

Lenormand card reading

The Lenormand Cards are a more objective approaches towards what people are doing and the results a more objective view of the nouns in the situation rather than the verbs. It’s like watching a chess game: who is doing what to whom. It is more like seeing things above, with fewer contexts required in the querent’s question because the context is in the reading itself.

In other words the Lenormand Cards are in effect a good tool to see what is already in play in one’s life and how to work with these present circumstances.

Tarot is more psychological — you feel situations. Lenormand is more physical — you see situations. Or maybe a better way to say it is that tarot is more an internal exploration of our moods, and Lenormand is an exploration of the outer world and its happenings.

The famous ‘Grand Tableau’ spread of the Lenormand Cards can offer detailed answers to all areas of your life

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The Tarot Card Consultations are the benchmark divinatory practice of Mysterium Philippines and have been practices by their founder Mr. Robert Rubin for over 18 years. Tarot consultations show the reader the past, present and possible future in the querents life in hopes of clarifying essential issues and circumstances necessary for the wellbeing of the querent.

The Tarot has been proven most for effective for looking into abstract and unknown topics as well as future topics on ones life, such as seeing into the potential outcome of circumstances, the feelings and thoughts of others or before making important decisions in ones life.

Readings may focus on general consultations, love, career or specific topics based on the need of the client.

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