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Daily Horoscope for
You need to shake yourself out of situations where you`ve been feeling too timid. Maybe you haven`t faced up to certain people or been over-compromising. Stop sweeping your feelings under the carpet. Now is the time to take a stand and say enough is enough. But don`t do it in such a way that you will cause yourself insecurity at the far end of it. Try to throw your energy into joint co-operative ventures. If you pull together you can achieve a great deal more than you would solo.

Taurus Tagalog Horoscope 2015

Born April 21 – May 21

Element: Earth

Planet: Venus

Symbol: The Bull

Stone: Emerald

Colors: Green and Blue

Key Word: Conservation

Key Phrase: I Have

Opposite Sign: Scorpio


Patient, reliable and very thorough, a Taurus can be a great coworker and friend. You can be found in the same job and relationship for long periods of time, if not forever. You are very resistant to change, yet can adjust to it fairly well. You like to take your time when making decisions, which is obviously beneficial to you because most of your major decisions are solid.

Your tagalog horoscope shows that you are extremely family oriented and very protective of them. You prefer to be in their company than anyone else. Your happy place is having your family surrounding you at home while eating and entertaining together as one loving group.

You are attracted to beautiful things and have a knack for surrounding yourself with them. From your home, to your clothes, to your music, you love feeling the beauty in your life. You are thorough in every aspect of your life—work, relationships and even in your own mind. You thrive in and appreciate order.

Love and Relationships

Family—The Taurean father care a great deal for his children and wants the best for them, but is able to be realistic with his expectations. He believes in discipline and knows how to be effective, but sometimes can have trouble being sympathetic to his children’s generation. Taurus mothers tend to be very domestic and grounded. They love to bake, clean and create natural things. She is stable and reliable, yet sometimes unimaginative. She is out of her depth with those who think outside of the box. The Taurean child can be loud and demanding with a stubborn nature that can irritate. They are usually very creative, but can sometimes find themselves bullying other children.

Friendships—Social is your middle name and you can chat it up with just about anyone you meet in any given situation. You have the ability to make anyone feel like they are the most important person in the world. You make the best types of friends—loyal, helpful and happy. You do love to gossip so be sure that you are doing it with tact. You are a great listener and can help anyone through their troubles. You have a bit more difficulty maneuvering through your own issues though. You are more likely to give advice than money.

Love—It will be important for you to find a partner who can boost your confidence as well as your sense of stability. You search for a mate you can appreciate all of your qualities and can show you their appreciation. Shared values are more important to you than a strong physical chemistry. Yours is a sign of love, family and quality bonds. Often times a Tureen’s first relationship is also their last. Quality, not quantity is your motto. You tend to make your romantic relationships the focal point of your life.

Work and Career

According to your tagalog horoscope, you have always been more artistic than academic, which explains your great love of music and the creative arts. As a child, you may have found that you were more reserved…choosing to be on your own with your imagination. Your natural practicality and sensibility manifests itself in an interest in building, crafting, gardening as well as aspects of fashion.

Your penchant for building and creating makes architecture or hairdresser good choices for a career. You have safe and solid hands that would make landscaping or baking a good choice as well. You have a greater understanding and love for food so anything in that realm would satisfy your needs. If you choose to go the business route, you will surely have success, but you will certainly need an outlet for your creative side. You have a strong eye for detail and that coupled with your love for beautiful things would make you a wonderful designer in any capacity.

Money and Finances

Your sign is very money-minded and it is true that most of you have your finances well under control. You are very detail oriented and are sure to read all the fine print regarding anything to do with your finances. You are naturally able to save and develop a solid long-term savings plan. It is not easy for you to let anyone else into your circle of trust regarding your money, but you will need to with your significant other. You are so busy organizing your finances that you often forget to spend any of it.

Health and Fitness

Your throat and neck are your weak spots, Taurus, so be sure to be ever aware of them. You will be prone to sore throats and stiff necks throughout your lifetime. Your mouth can also be a sensitive point for you as well. Be sure not to consume anything too hot or that requires much maintenance (anything with bones).

Your natural tendency is not exactly the healthiest one so be sure to keep things in mind while you live your life says your tagalog horoscope. Find hobbies that will take you outside and get you some exercise. Your sign tends to run a bit overweight, especially in middle age, but that does not necessarily mean it has to happen. Many under the sign of Taurus are of average height and weight. Remaining active from a young age and remaining so will help to keep your body slim and healthy.

Travel and Lifestyle

You know how to make a home look great so a large property would suit the Taurus best. From décor, to baking, to gardening—A Taurus loves to be home, stay home and make a home. Most of your time will be spent here so it would make sense that most of your money is spent on improving your humble abode. It is important to feel comfortable in your home so warm and inviting colors are a necessity for you. Plump sofas and large armchairs should grace your home. You are likely to have pictures covering your walls of your friends and family because you need to be surrounded by them at all times.

You are conventional when it comes to your wardrobe. You like to look sharp in whatever you wear because it is a reflection on how you feel. You tend to always match, never making any bold statements. Your confidence doesn’t allow you to attempt any offbeat looks. Greens and pinks give you a sense of comfort. As you age, your sense and understanding of your own fashion improves. Push yourself to find that little something that is a little different.

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