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August 2013 Tagalog Horoscope for Virgo

August 24 – September 23

Element: earth

Ruling Planet: Earth

Symbol: the virgin

Stone: Sapphire

Colors: Blue and green

Days: Wednesday and Friday

Numbers: 4, 22, and 43

Famous Filipinos: Amalia Fuentes (Aug 27), Ramon Magsaysay (Aug 31), Arnel Pineda (Sept 5), Efren “Bata” Reyes (Aug 26)

Virgos are extremely critical and tend to be perfectionists. You are thorough and meticulous in every aspect of your life. You are very intelligent, but often find yourself stuck on the little things in life.  In your quest for perfection, it’s the small stuff that seems to trip you up. This month will mark the beginning of the end of that trend. You will start to be able to see the big picture better than ever before.  Those pesky little things that always got the best of you will happen far less often. Better than that, they won’t upset you as much as they used to either.  Your sensible and receptive nature will take charge enabling you to be more successful in all aspects of your life.

One of your more dominant characteristics is your ability to have faith in those you love. You never become negative or cynical about life no matter what happens to you. You have a sensible, dependable and kind-hearted nature that people tend to take advantage of. Put your natural traits to good use. If you haven’t already chosen a profession, then consider a career in service. Become a doctor, teacher or counselor. You are strongly suited to helping people. You can easily put your perfectionist attitude to good use when applying it to your patients, students or clients.

You can sometimes fall into bad relationships where your kind nature is taken advantage of. Your history shows that you often get mistreated. The problem is that when you love, you love so strongly that it becomes difficult to get yourself out of an unhealthy relationship. Just ask yourself if you are happy. You know yourself really well. Denial is not something you are prone to. So if you cannot answer yes to that question, get yourself out or ask for some help. No one has time to waste on anything that doesn’t make them happy.

If you are single, be very wary of office romances right now. An infatuation in that type of setting will surely negatively affect your work. You are walking a fine line between success and downfall right now. Every move you make can either make or break you.  Be careful of your alcohol consumption this month as well. You’ll need all your wits about you to avoid any indiscretions that could lead to negative consequences. While you are gaining clarity over the bigger picture of what you want in life, you also must be diligent in your decision-making. Just because you know what you should do doesn’t mean that is the choice you will make. Take advantage of this clarity and don’t stray away from what is right. Occasionally, you’ll feel the need to go against the grain, but fight that urge because the consequences can be detrimental to you.

You may need to be referee between your parent and either your partner or a close friend. The old usual tension that has always been there will be making its way out again soon. It will be difficult and uncomfortable but remember to be as tactful as possible.  It is going to be difficult to balance the two very important relationships in your life. Avoid awkward situations between them and make sure you walk into any meeting with them prepared for anything.

Make a concerted effort to exercise regularly this month. It will have a positive impact on your mood and give you balance after work. You function better with routine so try to create a regiment that is consistent. Perhaps joining a gym or a team sport can be fun if you are feeling adventurous. If your introverted nature is calling out to you, then perhaps running or hiking on your own after work would be best.

You are up for some considerable recognition at work in August. Avoid office gossip and drama and you’ll be good as gold. You will form strong bonds with clients and associates that your boss will take notice of. These newly formed bonds will not only prove to be very prominent in your future business but also to your relationship with the higher ups. They will start to see you in a different light and only good things will come for the rest of the year. You will feel like you are working twice as hard as your usual, but if you can keep your nose clean, the rewards will be tremendous.

If you are going to travel this month, avoid road trips. If you choose to go that route, you may encounter roadblocks and detours that will take up your time and money.  If you must travel, then consider taking a boat or plane. You will save yourself a lot of headaches if you avoid the car.

Your health needs to be at the top of your list this month. If you haven’t been to the doctor lately, now is a great time to schedule a check up.  Have a doctor take a look at those little things that have been bothering you lately. If nothing else, you’ll feel a sense of relief that you’ve finally gone to get checked. It’s been something you’ve wanted to do but never had enough time for it. You’ve got to keep yourself in top shape for all the good things the rest of the year has in store for you.

Schedule important meetings on Wednesday or Friday this month. These are your lucky days and they will definitely bring you good luck. You will be on you’re A game and you’ll feel unstoppable. Your attitude and mood will be more open and your introverted nature will seem like a thing of the past. Add to the positivity by wearing your colors. They will not only make you feel confident but they will bring you good luck as well.

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