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Tagalog Horoscope : Your Daily Horoscope Tagalog

Finding a balance between all four elements is necessary in trying to live a fulfilling and balanced life. As we discover more about ourselves and the people in our lives, we are constantly trying to find compensation for the elements that we are naturally lacking in. We draw people into our lives that are stronger in our weaker elements and weaker in our stronger elements. We are constantly searching for that balance that will make our lives finally feel like it is falling into place. This year we should all strive to learn how to develop the necessary qualities we need to create a balance among the elements within ourselves. We will all be stronger as individuals and better able to handle anything that may come our way.

Tagalog Horoscope – Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

Fire is the most hazardous element, but it can also be the most useful one.  It has the capability of taking care of us and providing for us better than any of the other elements, but it can destroy and devastate us faster than anything else too. If you are a Fire sign, try to find a balance between the two extremes this year. Practice your patience and exercise forgiveness more freely.

Fire traditionally represents desire. Fire signs have a strong desire for life. They are born leaders, courageous and show initiative. Your spirits have a habit of being uplifted toward the middle of the year. If you are part of any political organization, the 2013 Philippine senatorial elections will tend to bring out your passion for leadership. Fire signs can be enthusiastic, spontaneous and impulsive. When a fiery nature is used positively, they can be inspirational to those around them. They can foster creativity and inventiveness within themselves as well as those around them. This year will bring you the opportunity to make your mark on the world. Keep your eyes open for chances that can further your goals and enhance your prospects. This year will be full of small chances that just need to be noticed. Keep your priorities in order and your emotion in check. You will need the clarity of mind to take advantage of every opportunity that may come your way.

Fire signs must be wary of negatively expressing themselves. It can lead to selfishness and a lack of consideration for the feelings of others. Egotism and fanaticism can become a problem for those who do not find and maintain balance. Often times, an unbalanced Fire sign will appear to need more self-confidence, courage and passion. Pay attention to how your friends and loved ones react toward you. You don’t have the easiest time reading other people’s reactions. Especially when you aren’t in the best of spirits, try to pay close attention to how others act around you. Their actions are usually mirroring yours.


It will be extremely important for you to be sensitive when expressing your opinions. You tend to speak passionately and openly without regard to whom you are speaking to. You have strong ambitions for this year. Surround yourself with people who will foster your drive. You are most compatible with Leos, Geminis, and Taureans.

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Originality is your strong suit this year. You will find your creativity bountiful and overflowing. Be wary of being inflexible with your ideas though. Remember that you will need advice on the business end of things. You will find that compromise is a necessary evil in promoting your creative ideas.

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Your honesty will be your strongest quality and your worst enemy at the same time. On one hand, your personal life will flourish as a result of your openness and honesty. Your partner will appreciate it and it will strengthen your relationship. On the other hand, your honesty will tend to come across as self-righteousness in your professional life. Your colleagues will not always value your honesty especially if it is at their expense.  Be cautious in your approach and you will be happy with the overall result.

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Horoscope Tagalog – Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

The element Earth is stable and solid. Therefore, Earth signs tend to build stable and solid foundations in many aspects of their lives. They are reliable and steady in their moods and in their thinking. This year, Earth signs will be the builders. They will build dreams into reality and make things last. Your pragmatism and ambition will create a sense of security and comfort to those lucky enough to be important to you in 2014. You will bring the necessities of life to the forefront of everything you do and establish processes and systems to maintain them.

An unbalanced Earth sign will lead you toward greed, overindulgence and stubbornness. Earth is typically resistant to change. It is very difficult to change the opinion of an Earth sign. While you are solid and stable by nature, an unbalanced Earth sign comes across as obstinate. When you feel a little off your game, find something to relieve your tension. Exercise, meditation or a vacation may be the answer to finding your inner balance. You will have to self-regulate to make sure you don’t overcompensate and go over board. Don’t over do anything: spending, eating, or even thinking.


Your loyalty will be put to the test this year. You will face some issues that will make you question your choices and beliefs. Hold strong to what is in your heart and it will guide you in the right direction. A vacation may help to clear your mind of some of the confusion surrounding your life. Take a mental inventory of your priorities. That will help to keep things in perspective.

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The key to your success this year is to follow your instincts. They very rarely steer you wrong and this year will be no different. Do not stray from what your guts tells you is right even if outside influences are chiming in. If it feels right, go for it. If it feels wrong, stay away. There will be difficult decision to be made this year, but stay true to your feelings and you can’t go wrong.

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Your love life will take a backseat to your professional career this year. Your priorities will shift to work and your personal life may start to decline. Reassess your priorities and go from there. You will either need to find balance between the two or cut one of them loose. Give yourself ample time to make these decisions. They won’t be easy and you will need time to make your decision.

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Tagalog Horoscope – Air Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Air signifies quickness of mind and communication. Those under the Air signs are the connectors or the bridge between the rest of the zodiac. They can link people of diverse backgrounds with each other and create peace among them. Air signs are usually intellectual, curious and social. You search for new information and can bring perspective to any situation. Your ability to take yourself out of a situation and see everything from all different points of view will become your signature characteristic this year. You will find that you will repeatedly be placed in the role of arbitrator or peacemaker among friends and loved ones. This comes very naturally to you. Your ability to remain objective and neutral will serve you well.

If your Air sign is unbalanced, you may become impartial to those around you. You can appear to be cold and uncaring when you are feeling off. You can also start to feel unsettled and noncommittal. You may have a tendency to float through life. You won’t put much effort into any one thing. It is extremely important that you maintain balance in your emotions. There is no middle ground for you. You will either be extremely successful or start to completely unravel. Quality time to yourself will help you regain focus. Your mind has a natural tendency to wander from subject to subject. It is harder to fight this urge when you are not stable in your emotions.


Your talkative nature will suddenly become a huge part of your personality this year. You will never run out of things to say and there will never be a shortage of people to listen to you. Watch that you still maintain an equal balance with those you interact with. You don’t want to come across as insensitive or scatterbrained. You’ll have some good luck in the later months of the year. Consider playing Megalotto or SuperLotto, but be frugal and realistic in your spending.

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Your artistic side will be a prominent presence in your life this year. Be sure to foster this side of you. Your creativity will need an outlet and it would be advisable to let it run free. Ignoring or restraining your creativity will negatively affect your spirit. Paint, sculpt, create, or design your own art. Simply going to shows, museums or concerts may not satisfy your artistry right now.

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This year you will have moments of unpredictability. Your moods will suddenly shift or you will change your mind about something that was once set in stone. This will be confusing to you as well as those who know you. You will need a lot of positive support and guidance this year. Try to stick with those you are most compatible with. Those under the signs of Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius will suit you most. You will need the constant support around you during your more impulsive moments.

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Horoscope Tagalog – Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

Water is reflective and deep. Water signs, each to different extents, have the need to reflect upon themselves. This reflection can end up two different ways. They can either end up self-absorbed or self-realized. When you are surrounded with reflections of yourself and depending on the balance you have within yourself, you can either be narcissistic or humbled. The tipping point from one extreme to the other is very small.  Water is the most unstable and complicated element. Those under the Water signs are at risk of being the same. It really is all about balance and common sense. If you can achieve or at least strive for a sense of equilibrium and realism, you will have a very successful and constructive year.

Water signs are also the feelers of the zodiac. They can be very sensitive to their environment. They are typically very in touch with not only their own feelings, but also the feelings of those around them. You have to be careful that you don’t absorb the feelings of everyone else to the point that you loose touch with your own. You can easily get lost in other people’s emotions and problems that you become paranoid. You’ll start to feel the need to escape from your own life, but the problems that are most overwhelming are not your own. Don’t lose yourself while helping others. You must take care of yourself in order to properly take care of anyone else.


Your love life will flourish this year. You will be where you want to be by the end of the year. You will have confidence in your relationships and you have plenty of positive things to look forward to. Just be wary of some passing negative moods. When they occur, you can be cruel. Pay attention to your self and adjust accordingly. Self-awareness will be very important for you. Your partner will understand your moods, but learning to prevent or subdue your negative ones will be greatly appreciated.

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Watch out for hurting your loved one’s feelings. They are used to your changing moods but your insensitivity will start to wear on their patience. Pay close attention to their attitude toward you and you should be able to execute some preventative measures if necessary. Don’t push the people who love you too far. There is only so much they can take. Your stubbornness, however, will prove positive for your professional career this year. Your superiors will see your steadfast demeanor as a positive attribute.

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Your normal sensitive nature will be taking a backseat. You will gain confidence as the year progresses. You will stand up for yourself and take charge of your emotions. Gone is that shy, sensitive Pisces that people take advantage of. A new and improved version of you is in the works for 2014. Take time out for yourself. Go to the movies, casino or sporting events. Perhaps watching some of the very competitive UAAP season this year or watching the latest heartthrobs on the big screen will uplift your spirits.

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